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    1. Silhouette USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Gift Set (3 Piece)

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. Silhouette USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Gift Set (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Give the gift of pleasure with this stunning clitoral massage compilation. Comprising a super-powered 7 function vibrator and 3 interchangeable silicone sleeves packaged in a gorgeous chocolate box-style case, it's a present your lover won't soon forget.

      Whether she uses the pleasure set solo or together for extra external stimulation during lovemaking, ensure you're never far from her thoughts by providing the path to her climax.

      Easy to use, even for you, slip on a soft sleeve and open the door to a world of sensation. Shake her bean between the bunny ears, surround and tickle her with the cupped sucker, or take a shallow dip in her love puddle with the tapered tongue.

      Between uses keep the power topped up with the USB charging cable, to ensure your clitoral toy is always at peak power. Just 60 minutes provides a full charge and offers between 40 and 80 minutes of play.

      Smudge your selected sleeve with water-based lube before use for slick and sensual glide in play.

      Key Features:

      • Clitoral vibrator gift set with 3 interchangeable sleeves
      • 3 speeds and 4 patterns for arousal-igniting sensation
      • 3 distinctly different sleeves for complete external exploration
      • USB rechargeable - 60 minute charge provides 40-80 minutes of play
      • Waterproof for easy cleaning and exciting aquatic play

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      Give the gift of pleasure with this lovely clitoral massage team. Comprising a super-powered 7 function vibrator and 3 interchangeable silicone sleeves packaged in a gorgeous chocolate box-style case, it's a present your lover won't forget.

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      Silhouette USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Gift Set (3 Piece) 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Silhouette USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Gift Set (3 Piece)
      2. Silhouette USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Gift Set (3 Piece)


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    1. She was not disappointed

      Reviewed: 27 March 2016 by Mick8990, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Well let's just say she definitely turned up the heat after using this. It was given to us as a gift. Came nicely and discreetly packaged.

      The GF was confused at first with the different heads, but soon overcame this when we began. We used all 3 heads. All until she came. They were intense and very prolonged with the use of each head.

      Her favourite was the rabbit ears. Since it's Easter sunday of course! Not only can this be used on her, but also on the man. My GF used this product on my balls while sucking me off, and it was immense. The product itself needs a bit of lube as it was quite tough to begin with. It's quiet and managed to hit all of the right places.

      The product itself is well designed. Haven't found any flaws yet except we don't have enough hours in the day to play with it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Interchangeable heads. Vibration speeds.
      Not enough hours in the day to play with!
      Bottom line
      Overall, it's a fantastic product. Would highly recommend.
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    1. Powerful, a bit noisy, not bad for relatively little outlay

      Reviewed: 16 April 2016 by lindtchilli

      I received this as a tester.

      I had a few very minor downpoints, but mostly the experience was good.

      Bad things first - they are very few.

      Firstly, it's really not quiet, especially if you're used to quiet toys. The first time I turned it on my reaction was "What the...!" Because I wasn't expecting a racket from a relatively small toy.

      I also don't know why they put a rather tacky looking silver stripe on it - up close, the silver just looks naff and plasticy, it decidedly does not add to the toy.

      I don't feel like all the sleeves were created equal - the finger is serviceable but not exciting, and the one with all the little fingers was nice, but not quite as exciting as I would've hoped.

      It is rechargeable, which is excellent - and I have actually yet to make my initial charge run out. It hasn't become my go to toy, so it's not like it's lasted for hours and hours, but I've used it several times and had a fair few orgasms, and he's still going strong! It is a dedicated charging cable though - not a mini-USB or similar - so you will want to be careful you don't lose it.

      Last teeny tiny nag is that it's a little hard to know if the travel lock has come on, and also it took me a while to figure out that you really have to hold the power button down hard and for a good long moment to turn it on. Maybe that's just me being dim, but for a while I thought either I'd failed to disengage the travel lock or that I had a duff item!

      These are all fairly small nags, which don't particularly detract from the overall product. So, onto the good stuff!

      First impressions: The box it comes in is very sturdy and attractive. If I had anyone to gift a vibrator to, this would not be a bad way to go. The plastic inlay is not attached to the lid, which struck me as a poor design choice (it would be possible to lose it and then the box wouldn't keep dust away from your toys), but as far as presentation goes, I can't complain, even if it could be a little more practical.

      Each of the components has a little foam cutout just the right size and shape, and overall it's been fairly well thought out. Also the instructions were pretty clear and easy. I don't suppose most people need much more than plug it in, let it charge, have fun, but still, it's nice when they've been done well for people who are maybe new to rechargeables, especially since this comes across as a toy aimed at people who are new to it and maybe don't entirely know what they want, hence the sleeves and patterns.

      Nice, high quality silicone - soft and velvety to the touch, not draggy on the skin. It's not at all rubbery, but the kind of silicone where you might find yourself just stroking, because it's so pleasant to the touch! Or is that just me? ;)

      They also seem to transmit the vibrations pretty well, which is obviously a big bonus. Also, not that most dreaded of things, a dust magnet, so you don't have to pick a bunch of fuzz off your toy before you get going. Big plus! Nice silicone makes such a difference IMO, and this is the good stuff.

      The sleeves are also, I have to say, really well sized. In my experience, an awful lot of sleeves are either so loose they struggle to stay on or, more commonly, so tight it's an absolute nightmare to get them off. These are just absolutely spot on - even with wet hands, I had no issues taking them off to change, but neither did they travel during use. Whatever standard they used to size them, I wish it was universal. A small thing, but sometimes it's these little things that can make the difference between a good toy and one that lives at the bottom of the toy drawer.

      The finger sleeve is pretty much exactly as you'd expect. A silicone finger that vibrates. It wasn't, IMO, earth-shattering, but I could definitely come with it. If you're wondering about the possibilities for insertion, I think it depends on personal geography - there's no way it was getting near my g-spot, but I think it might be possible for some people.

      The little cuppy one with the tiny fingers was the one I was most excited to try, and while it wasn't a total let down, I did find it a little disappointing. It looks like it should feel like two dozen tiny tongues or tiny fingers on your clit (or nipples or wherever), but while it was perfectly enjoyable, it didn't send me through the roof.

      The bunny ears were absolutely my favourite, and have become the one I default to. They're soft and flexible, but they seem to transmit the vibrations really well (I assume it helps that the vibrations are pretty strong to start with), and as well as placing them either side of the clit, they're also nice for just sliding up and down and teasing. Practically a guaranteed orgasm when I was in the mood, really enjoyable! Hands down my favourite of the bunch, and as someone who's never found a rabbit that 'fits', it's good to have a set of rabbit ears I can use with something else for internal stimulation.

      This little guy isn't quiet, but for a really quite small beast, he packs a punch. When it arrived, I was in the middle of that time of the month, but I discovered the vibrations travelled pretty well even through clothing. I'm not a power queen, so I can't tell you if it would hit the power for those who are seriously power hungry, but I'd think it would be more than sufficient for most ladies. It also doesn't seem to have appreciably lost power since its first charge, it's still going strong, so I'd say that's also a point in its favour.

      There are a number of patterns, but I mostly stuck to the first speed as I honestly didn't need more! I'm not particularly into most varieties of pattern, it's usually hit and miss whether my reaction is 'wahey' or 'eh', but it does have one wave pattern that was pretty nice.

      It's only a small vibe, but fortunately the designers had the sense to put the meat of the thing in the business end, so while you will get slightly vibrated fingers, you don't have that awful 'numb fingers, bored clit' that happens when the motor is in the handle portion. I think it would numb your fingers eventually, but at least you'd get to have an orgasm first ;) Like I say, it's the small things!

      (It's also submersible, apparently - I haven't tested this, because I feel like that noise amplified by my bath would embarrass me out of having fun ;) but it's a nice extra - maybe if I lived in a detached house or had thicker walls...)

      For the level of flexibility involved - basically you have a bullet by itself *and* you have three quite different sleeves, *and* a number of vibration speeds and patterns - I think it's pretty good value, especially when you consider it's also rechargeable and waterproof.

      I know some rechargeable vibes, especially at the lower end of the price range, don't deliver in terms of power like some of the battery powered ones do, which is a deal breaker for some people - I'd say this might be a good purchase if you fall into this category. There are a few negatives, but overall it seems good value. It's solid, feels like it's well made and will last, the silicone is nice quality, and the few downsides are fairly minor/your mileage may vary issues.

      It's not my favourite ever toy, but it will definitely get some good use, and those bunny ears will have to be wrested from my cold, dead hands. ;)

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The bunny ears! Also just the soft, velvety silicone, feels really nice.
      Loud! Also it is quite small, so eventually numb fingers would happen.
      Bottom line
      A good rechargeable vibe, nice sleeves, for ladies who like a little power.
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