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    1. Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars35 reviews

      Who are you to deny this ridged massager its delicious prostate and G-spot pilgrimages? Extra-filling insertion awaits as the curved length merrily plunges inside, wowing each and every nerve-ending with its thick, ribbed bod' and 10 vibration functions.


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    1. Product Description

      Who are you to deny this ridged massager its delicious prostate and G-spot pilgrimages? Extra-filling insertion awaits as the curved length merrily plunges inside, wowing each and every nerve-ending with its thick, ribbed bod' and 10 vibration functions.

      Simple operation comes courtesy of 1 button controls so it's easy to use even when in position. Clever construction means the 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns transmit from base to tip with no loss of power, and a memory function means the prostate toy starts you from the last mode selected.

      Harness the power of physics by pushing your inserted massager back lightly, to use your bottom as a fulcrum and press against your G-spot or P-spot further. Science is fun!

      Get the best from your toy by covering it with water-based anal lubricant before use.

      Key Features:

      • Silicone ribbed prostate massager with 10 x vibration functions
      • 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns for an awesome stimulation range
      • Thick ridges down the whole body add amazing sensation
      • Strongly curved to press against the P-spot or G-spot
      • Easy to operate with 1 button controls
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 1.6
      • Base type: Handle
      • Circumference: 5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 8 inches
      • Length: 10 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: Silicone
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x AAA batteries
      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    4. Essential info

      • Harness Compatible: No

    Product Videos

    1. Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager

      Don't deny this ridged massager its prostate and G-spot pilgrimages. Extra-filling insertion awaits as this curved length merrily plunges inside, exciting each and every nerve-ending with its thick, ribbed shaft and 10 vibration functions.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager 35 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager
      2. Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager


        Sorry, this item is currently unavailable

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    1. My First Prostate Orgasm

      Reviewed: 5 December 2017 by MrSpaceMan

      This toy was gifted to me a few months ago by my girlfriend. We had recently started incorporating anal play and I expressed interest in a vibrating prostate massager. Sure enough, a week later or so she dropped a box in my lap and it contained this toy.

      My first impressions were 'You have got to be joking' as for someone who was fairly new to prostate play, this toy was rather intimidating. It's on the larger side so if you're looking for something more forgiving then maybe browse some of the other vibrators on offer on this site. However, I'm not one to shy away from a challenge so later that night we decided to give it a test run.

      As the name would suggest, the toy is fairly flexible at the curve which I quite like and it is quite light but not so light that it feels insignificant. I'm a huge fan of the ridges along the toy as you feel every single one as it gets pushed further and further in.

      The curved shape of this toy allows it to nestle very nicely against the prostate. It leaves you feeling very full which I know a lot of people like. Even before turning on the vibrations there was pre-cum making an appearance! I lay there anticipating something miraculous to happen when the vibrations were turned on but I didn't get an instant shot of pleasure.

      What I did get, though, was much, much better. The different vibration intensities and patterns slowly edged me into this new, exciting euphoric state. I had never experienced this before so I just ran with it and let it take over. A feeling of warmth came over my body and my penis became rock hard. It felt like my anus was locked in position and the vibrations just kept on going and so did this incredible sensation. According to my girlfriend, I was panting like mad but I don't even recall. Must have been too busy focussing on the feeling!

      I had wanted a vibrating toy to give me a prostate orgasm and this is exactly what this toy delivered. In light of this and the fact that this toy has given me no hassle cleaning wise, I have to award it 5 stars.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Introduced me to prostate orgasms.
      Bottom line
      Received this as a gift but seems like great value for money!
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    1. Dear lord

      Reviewed: 14 March 2017 by ChrisyBoy, a Bisexual Single Male

      Despite its appearance resembling something that is meant to come out off and not go in the anus, new levels of pleasure were found with this item.

      Powerful vibrations with many functions to choose from making the orgasm different every time. Easy entry with a nice lubricant and reaches all the right spots with ease. Varying vibrations allow you to tease yourself or get damn close to orgasm without putting hands on.

      If you are in for the long haul I would recommend experimenting with this item in places other than the prostate as it can induce beautiful stimulations elsewhere inside the anus as well as hitting that P-spot with beautifully strong intensity.

      It is hard to tell from the picture, but the tip is in fact quite pointed for easy entry, and the bend is slightly flexible/hinged to allow easy use and varying pleasure on the P-spot.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels incredible, makes me feel all new feelings.
      The look of the product and filtering through all settings to get back to beginning.
      Bottom line
      If you are into prostate play or curious, just buy it. You will not regret.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 2 February 2017 by Lovehoney - Bot

      TomTom17's review of Flexcite 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager

      As a straight male, prostate massagers didn't really interest me so I didn't really tend to look at them. However, I have always been curious about what anal pleasures they can provide!

      One day, I decided to browse the Lovehoney prostate massager section and looked at a few different massagers. Every item I looked at, all had outstanding reviews! But the best thing was most of the reviews were by straight males just like myself who have bought these products and have been blown away by them! This made me want to buy one even more!

      Luckily enough, Lovehoney had a two products for £25 offer on at the time. I decided to buy this product, Flexcite Prostate and G-Spot 10 Function Vibrator and the Dr Joel Kaplan Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager. Come on, your not going to buy just the one when you can get another one for an extra £2.01! I have seen no other company beat these deals and that is a fact! All other sites I had searched had nowhere near as good as these amazing types of offers on and some other sites prices are more expensive than Lovehoney's! These deals cannot be beaten! This is one reason why I will now only buy from Lovehoney!

      Now, onto this product! My order arrived very quickly, less than 48 hours in plain, discreet packaging which is perfect as no one would ever know what has been purchased and what's inside the box. Upon arrival, I couldn't wait to open this prostate massager, at first, I did think it looked a little big but I overcome that seconds later! The texture of the toy is very smooth and it has a nice lengthy girth! You just know you're in for a good play with all those ridges! I simply popped two AAA batteries (which you purchase separately) into the toy and had a play with the settings. The sensations felt incredible, just from me holding the massager! After a little play, I couldn't wait to pop it in down below.

      I lubed the toy up well and also applied a couple squirts of lube to my anal. I used the Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant 100ml (which is also sold separately). It was a very nice feeling when the lube touched my anal as it has a nice thick texture and it also made be get a boner very quickly!

      I slowly started to insert the massager into my anus at a nice steady pace (without power), about 3 inches of in and then 3 inches out. I did this for a few minutes so my anus got used to taking it. After a little warm up, it was sliding in and out very quickly and was sliding in deeper! This felt absolutely incredible! That's when I knew it was time to turn the power on! That's just what I did! OMG! The sensations I received on the first two settings were mind-blowing! I instantly began to have precum leaking out of my penis it was that good! I was getting braver and simply pressed the button a few more times to get it to a higher speed. I started to tingle everywhere and I didn't even need to masturbate my penis the vibes were that good!

      After about a 3-4 minute play, I did not want to take the toy out of my anus it was that good! Even as a beginner, the length, girth and speeds this toy provides is out of this world! I began to apply more lube to make the toy slide in even more freely. You can use as much lube as you like, the more the better. You just can't get enough of it! I will definitely have to stock up on the anal lube! I carried on playing with the toy on a various number of different rhythms and speeds to continue to make me feel even more horny and that's when I reached the P-spot! This made me orgasm after hitting it a few times, the more I touched it the more I orgasmed. Then, a few seconds later I cummed everywhere, and it was a lot! While cumming, the sensations from my penis and anus were out of this world! I was already having P-spot orgasms before I cum and then when I cum I orgasmed even more! I was not expecting to hit that spot as good as I did on my first play!

      After cumming, I still played with the toy in my bum on a lower speed to end my session. Ending the incredible P-spot pleasure which I didn't want to do but unfortunately had to by simply holding the button to turn the toy off and went off to clean up.

      I then cleaned the toy, by running it under warm water and gave it a little rub with my hands, (ensuring the cap it tightly secure) to then leave it to dry freely for a while. After it had air dried nicely, I then simply popped it into my Lovehoney toy bag until next time, which won't be too long away I must say! Was super easy to clean!

      I also cannot wait to use my other prostate massager which I bought along with this one and I also cannot wait to use both of them in the shower as they are both waterproof! I will review the other prostate massager when I have used it.

      So to all you straight lads, if you have been curious about prostate massagers and your anus, then I hope this review has changed your mind like the other reviews did for me and you purchase this! It is a must-have! No regrets whatsoever and so glad I purchased!

      So a big thank you Lovehoney for giving me one of the best experiences I never imagined and my first P-spot orgasm!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Perfect size, shape, and speeds!
      Nothing not to like!
      Bottom line
      Provides extremely good intense pleasure!
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