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    1. Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men

      Average customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars14 reviews

      Astonishingly preceded by the invention of such nonessentials as the revolving ice cream cone, the electric ear dryer, and the Tamagotchi, finally technology has produced a new must-have in the form of the Autoblow 2, a fully automatic blow job robot.


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      1. Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men

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    1. Product Description

      Astonishingly preceded by the invention of such nonessentials as the revolving ice cream cone, the electric ear dryer and the Tamagotchi, finally technology has produced a new must-have in the form of the Autoblow 2, a fully automatic blow job robot.

      United by his love of blow jobs, for millennia man has struggled to slake his thirst for satisfying nether-region noshing, and only now has scientific advancement paved the way for flawless, no-mouth-required replication. The result is the Autoblow 2, a mains powered pole-gobbling oral lover that offers a deliciously deep fellatio experience.

      A real-feel authentic sleeve masterfully mimics the sensation of sliding into a pouting, wet mouth, while 2 sets of spring-fed beads snugly encase your erection. Lube up, slip in, switch on and pick your speed to start the unremitting undulations, which bob a full 4 inches each cycle.

      With no thrusting, stroking or effort required, just lie back and let the pioneering deep throat sex toy do all the work. On your back, hold it in place with your knees and you can even play Playstation at the same time (leave off your headset).

      After use, the artificial skin sleeve removes easily while its close-ended design makes clean-up a doddle.

      Key Features:

      • Mains-powered electronic deep throat male masturbator
      • Automatic stroker means you don't need to manually thrust
      • Sleeve created from realistic artificial skin for a lifelike feel
      • Sleeve size accommodates girths of between 4 - 5.5 inches
      • Mains powered so you'll never need to hunt for batteries
      • EU plug
    1. How it measures up

      • Internal Length: 7 inches
      • Opening: Mouth
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: Realistic Feel
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - scroll wheel
      • Power Type: Mains powered
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds

    Product Videos

    1. Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men

      Astonishingly preceded by the invention of such nonessentials as the revolving ice cream cone, the electric ear dryer, and the Tamagotchi, finally technology has produced a new must-have in the form of the Autoblow 2, a fully automatic blow job robot.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men 14 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men
      2. Autoblow 2 Blow Job Masturbator for Men


    1. One of My Favorite Male Devices

      Reviewed: 24 January 2017 by Shredder, a Straight Going Steady Male

      There are mixed reviews on the Autoblow 2 and I can understand why. On one side, it is one of the few autonomous male toys that fits almost any size and provides consistently good sensations. On the other hand, it is noisy and may not provide enough sensations if one is hot already aroused or if one is used to more intense stimulation from their hand or other more aggressive toys.

      Out of the box:

      The Autoblow 2 comes in good packaging, has solid construction of the exterior shell, and the inner sleeve is very soft. The "2" version improves on the original Autoblow because it has two inner stimulation rings as opposed to the original. I have both and the extra ring definitely provides for better stimulation.


      You can choose from three different sizes depending on your own size. This was a big plus for me because I am on the larger side with 2" diameter and 6" circumference at the widest point. This means that many devices are too tight for me and I am glad that the Autoblow 2 accommodates me with their largest "C" size.

      Power source:

      One of the negatives that some reviewers mention is the fact that it is not battery-operated. This is a plus for me. As an explanation, I have an electrical engineering degree and understand why it needs to plug into a mains source. The motor on the Autoblow 2 is powerful, much more powerful than any battery operated device. If it used a battery, the battery would die very quickly.

      By using a mains source, the Autoblow 2 lasts as long as you want (although I think the instructions indicate to give it a rest after about 20 minutes). Also, any battery that could power it for a reasonable period of time would be huge and add even more bulk to an already large device. Thus, I think the lack of a battery is a good thing.


      Insert the sleeve. Attach to power source. Lube it and yourself up. Insert yourself. Use the dial on the bottom to power it on and adjust the speed. Any water-based lube can be used and I recommend Maximus because it has a thicker texture that provides a little more stimulation.

      After turning it on, three rings with beads slide up and down the outside of the sleeve, which not only slide the sensation of the sleeves up and down, but also move the sleeve to provide extra stimulation.


      It is great to have someone else do the work for you. This lets you lie back and enjoy the ride, especially if enjoying some other visual or audible stimulation. For example, you can focus on and immerse yourself into watching an erotic movie or listening to erotic audio while being automatically taken care of.

      One improvement could be to provide variation in the stroke speeds, such as different patterns, to make it more interesting, or even sync it up with video like the RealTouch. However, that may not be feasible right now due to the patents that shut down the RealTouch operations.


      The sleeve can wear out and tear after numerous uses. This can cause the sleeve to leak into the internal moving parts of the device. Extra sleeves are $29.95 and I have had to buy quite a few. I speculate this may be a bigger problem for the size C sleeve for larger girths because the material of the sleeve is thinner, which would make it more prone to tearing. Also, I have noticed that there are sometimes thinner sections on the C sleeve that are more prone to tearing than other parts of the sleeve.

      Also, different size sleeves may provide different sensations. I speculate this because some reviews indicate the device doesn't provide enough sensation. As mentioned above, I use the size C sleeve, which is thinner, and may thus provide more stimulation than the thicker A and B size sleeves.


      I have had no problems with the primary device for the original Autoblow aside from having to replace the sleeves due to tearing. While lube has leaked into the device, it hasn't caused any problems (yet). However, I the Autoblow 2 did stop working, possible due to leaked lube gumming it up. See below for the customer support response.

      Customer Support:

      The representatives for the Autoblow are courteous and responsive. I have only asked for a replacement sleeve once or twice when the sleeve only lasted a couple of sessions and they did provide a replacement. Also, when my Autoblow 2 failed under warranty, they were courteous in providing a replacement.


      The Autoblow 2 lets you lie back and let someone else do the work. It provides nice stimulation and can finish you off, especially if you are already aroused. If you are not aroused, it can provide a good warmup and help get you in the mood. It consistently does a good job for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Customisable for most sizes, automatic, (mainly) hands-free, good sensations, good power, good customer support
      Sleeve wears out and leaks if torn, noisy, no texture.
      Bottom line
      One of my favorite automatic stimulators.
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    1. This is one talented robot

      Reviewed: 5 October 2015 by Bballbruzer


      I cannot imagine the amount of work that has gone into this product.

      Firstly the packaging is great and the build quality is brilliant.

      As soon as the product arrived I could not have moved quicker up the stairs and unpackaged the thing.

      I was a little worried at first because of some of the previous reviews and I was expecting to be disappointed by its performance.

      I set it all up which was very easy to do. Added a generous amount of lubricant to the sleeve and to myself and away I went.

      Unbelievable. This machine is so realistic it feels exactly like the real thing except this thing does not get tired or get jaw ache.

      10 minutes later I had the biggest mind blowing orgasm I have ever had.

      This is a must-buy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Out of this world.
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    1. Masturbation with an automated twist

      Reviewed: 11 April 2014 by dm9091, a Straight Single Male

      Whether you're single or in a relationship, the Autoblow 2 comes close to the sensations you would feel from receiving fellatio. The suction and tightness is just right with this.

      It can accommodate just about any penis size. I have a slightly larger than average width and had no problem with the device or the sensations as the springs adjust to give a gripping fit.

      It comes with an interchangeable sleeve that's easily washable.

      The best part of all is the fact that the device is automatic. You plug it into your wall, turn it on, and it does all the work for you as it strokes up and down your penis. There's a speed control setting so that you can adjust the stroking accordingly.

      The only drawback is that it doesn't massage your testicles simultaneously... maybe that'll be in the next version. In all seriousness, I do wish that it would stroke a bit more than 4 inches, but I suppose that would make for a much larger, less convenient device. In the end, this minor drawback didn't take away from the pleasure of using the device.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Automated, realistic feeling male masturbator with speed control settings.
      Wish it could stroke more than 4 inches.
      Bottom line
      The most realistic blowjob you can get from a toy.
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