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    1. Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump

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    1. Product Description

      Pump your pleasure to new heights with Fetish Fantasy's vibrating pussy pump. Its soft, cushioned chamber is contoured to work with your body, whilst stimulating bumps and a powerful multispeed bullet send thrill after thrill straight to your sweet spots.

      Place the ergonomically-shaped chamber over your labia, and pump away to experience gentle suction. The more you pump, the more you improve blood flow and sensitivity throughout the whole area, whilst simultaneously encouraging your labia to plump and swell for a sensual, full look.

      Take your pussy pumping to the next level by activating the concealed vibrating bullet, which sends tingling sensations through rows of raised bumps and straight to your clitoris. A convenient chamber for you or your partner to slip eager-to-please fingers into for tailored pressure and intensity is yours to explore, but brace yourself... Doing this straight after pumping is super-intense for incredibly strong orgasms.

      Decrease pressure and release the pump in a flash using the quick release valve. For additional suction, apply a thin layer of water-based lube to the chamber seal.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating pussy pump for increased plumpness and sensitivity
      • Concealed multispeed bullet and raised clitoral stimulator
      • Clitoral stimulator flexes to hug your body for adjustable intensity levels
      • Flexible 6 inch air hose with easy-to-use squeezable hand pump with quick release valve
      • Ergonomic shape with tapered tip for a seamless seal

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    1. Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump

      Pump and plump your pleasure to new heights with the Fetish Fantasy vibrating pussy pump. Its soft, cushioned chamber is contoured to flow with your bodys' shape, whilst stimulating bumps and its powerful multispeed bullet send thrills straight to your sweet spots.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump
      2. Fetish Fantasy Perfect Touch Vibrating Pussy Pump


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    1. Wow! Great product. Loved it

      Reviewed: 24 May 2015 by sexy j, a Straight Engaged Female

      I bought this pussy pump on a whim. I have previously had ones in the past that didn't work but thought I'd give this one a go.

      I paid for special delivery so was ordered 5pm and arrived 8am the next morning, which I was super-happy with.

      The packaging itself is very good. It has a clear picture of what the product is, without pictures of half-naked women on it like other products of this style that I find make it look cheap. It was very informative with small pictures of all the features.

      The pussy pump. The cup is shaped for a better fit, has a seal around the edge for the most suction. It features a very strong bullet vibe and a finger cup to allow pleasuring whilst pumped. The pump bulb was very easy to pump up, unlike others one the market. The bullet has super-strong vibrations that are felt all through the pussy pump as very pleasurable. The only downside is that I found the bullet a little hard to turn on and off when it is attached to the pump, and found it a little hard to get back out so that I was able to clean the pump. So I would prefer if the vibe was a little longer so it's easier to use.

      The fit itself was very good. Moulds to your shape. I have to say I wasn't expecting much as I have had others in the past that I just couldn't get to work. This one on the other hand was able to be used in several positions. It has a good suction so allows optimum pumping action.

      With the suction, vibrations and the finger stimulation it sent me over the edge.

      Great buy. Don't be put off by the price it is worth every penny. I'm very glad I bought it. I've used it a few times since buying it and I am very happy each time.

      Overall a great toy. A must-buy!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great suction and vibrations. Good quality.
      Vibe could do with being a tad longer for easy turning off and on.
      Bottom line
      A great product. A must-buy for the beginner to the more experienced.
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    1. It sucks, but not in the good way

      Reviewed: 9 June 2015 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very excited to be selected to test and review this vibrating pussy pump. I'm writing from the perspective of never having tried any pumps before, vibrating or otherwise, so it's a totally new experience for me.

      The packaging is a welcome relief - nothing medical about it - so it made me feel a bit more at ease and like I was going to be using a sex toy rather than some sort of torture device.

      The suction chamber part that you put over your labia is slightly different from how I imagined - it's a very rigid plastic material, so it's a set shape with absolutely no give to it. Because of this, it's very difficult to get it into a position where you can create an airtight seal to allow suction. A lot of using this toy is trial-and-error of putting it against yourself, squeezing the pump, waiting to see if it does anything and then re-positioning and trying again if it doesn't. It does feel more than a little bit ridiculous, and often I'll have to try this routine 10+ times, and then I just think it's not worth it and play with something else instead.

      When you can get it to work, the pump gives a really interesting sensation, quite like having someone suck your clitoris, but stronger and covering the entire labia area too. I found that the pump could only be squeezed a maximum of 4 times before it can't remove any more air from the chamber. This does provide strong suction, and, when first using it, I didn't think I'd want or need it to create stronger suction than this, but after using it for a bit I changed my mind because I realised that I became desensitised to the feeling and wanted more.

      The vibrating aspect feels very teasing in an extremely frustrating way, so I quickly started to feel like I needed more suction to compensate. I actually find that I can feel the vibrations better with less suction, but if you only squeeze the pump once it usually falls straight off, so you need to be at a 2-3 pump level just to get it to stick to you, which doesn't really leave you anywhere to go from there.

      A big problem with this toy is that the suction breaks really easily. It helps to use a bit of lube around the edges of the chamber that come into contact with your skin, but it's still a massive issue. Whenever I start to enjoy the feeling, I involuntarily move and the suction releases, putting me back to the beginning with trying to get it into the magical spot where it will actually stick. The plastic also really digs into my inner thighs which causes me to want to wriggle, also making the toy pop off, often with rather unflattering noises too.

      The bullet is unfortunately nothing short of a disaster. It runs on the little disc batteries and has no off switch, so you need to remove the cap or the batteries to turn it off. This may not sound like much, but it's incredibly annoying if you want to easily switch between toys during one session, and it also makes storage a nightmare. It does have multiple speeds, but I find that I can barely feel any difference at all, especially when it's in the toy because the vibrations don't travel well through the plastic. You also can't change the speed of the bullet while it's in the pump, so that adds some extra difficulty to the whole experience.

      I couldn't believe how rubbish the bullet is considering the price of the toy, and the final nail in the coffin was that the batteries only lasted about 15 minutes before giving up and dying. They're awkward batteries that I didn't have a replacement for, so I tried an assortment of other bullets that I own instead, which mostly failed because they're not compatible with the hole size.

      Near the hole for the bullet, there is also a compartment that allows you to put fingers inside the toy to be able to massage your clitoris through the plastic. I thought this was a really interesting idea, but I find that the plastic is too thick and doesn't have enough flexibility to be able to feel anything sexy or exciting through it. The texture on the other side never feels tantalising, and I find that I have to press hard to feel any pressure, which just feels uncomfortable and frustrating.

      I find that it's possible to feel the vibrations on my clit, but it doesn't travel through to any of the other areas being sucked, which I was disappointed about. Overall the feeling that it gives is pleasant while the suction holds but you never know when it's going to give out, and it's just an "oh, that feels sort of nice" feeling - definitely not worth all the trouble it takes to get to that point. I certainly couldn't orgasm from this toy - it's just too unreliable and takes so much concentration to use that you can't really get into it and enjoy yourself.

      It's fun to use the quick release valve to vary the suction because it doesn't release all at once so you can turn it down and then pump some more. This gives some sort of imitation of the varying pressures and sensations of oral sex, but it's very fiddly to do and it still never makes me feel like orgasm would be possible.

      The only thing that I think is really good about this toy is the sensation that you get after using it. It definitely does increase the blood flow and makes everything you do after using the toy feel incredibly intense and exciting. I'm glad that I have it for that reason, but I don't think it's a toy that I'll use very often, and I certainly wouldn't pay that much money for it because I don't think it will ever make me orgasm.

      If I had to sum up this toy in a word it would be 'frustration'. The suction breaks at inopportune moments and takes ages to get back into place, the bullet never feels strong enough because it's vibrating through a layer of plastic, and the finger slot idea sounds exciting in theory, but I can't actually feel anything because of the plastic. This toy gives an unusual feeling and is great for aiding arousal because of the heightened sensations after using it, but as a sex toy designed for pleasure and orgasm, I feel it's severely lacking and totally isn't worth the money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Suction sensation is interesting, arousal is more intense after using it.
      Loses suction with every movement, bullet is terrible with no off switch, finger compartment useless.
      Bottom line
      A very expensive way to be left frustrated.
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