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    1. Bondage Boutique Position Enhancer Restraint

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars8 reviews

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      1. Bondage Boutique Position Enhancer Restraint

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    1. Product Description

      Keep your lover right where you want them with this position enhancing restraint from Bondage Boutique. Secure ankle cuffs and a strong back strap helps you and your lover achieve positions you previously thought impossible. Add a tickler and...

      Let the bedroom fun commence with this innovative restraint. Designed to keep your lover's legs raised for deeper, more satisfying penetration, the back support and straps work in tandem to keep legs high and stop aches and wobbles mid-play.

      Once in place, discover a whole realm of erotic possibilities as you pleasure and tease them. Partners who enjoy prolonged play will fall in love this position support.

      Key Features:

      • Position enhancer restraint for achieving and holding advanced sex positions
      • Fully adjustable with Velcro straps for comfortable wear
      • Fleecy lining for comfortable extended wear
      • Back strap can be used separately or attached to the cuffs using buckles
      • Back strap measures 19 - 38 inches in and features handles either side for added support
      • Each cuff measures 11 - 14 inches in circumference

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bondage Boutique Position Enhancer Restraint 8 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Position Enhancer Restraint
      2. Bondage Boutique Position Enhancer Restraint


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    1. Difficulty

      Reviewed: 30 July 2015 by thomas&sarah, a Straight Going Steady Male

      We are having some difficulty getting the straps to stay once they have been adjusted because there are no instructions.

      Also, I would like it if the ankle cuffs would be big enough to fit around my thighs for more possibilities, other than this we have had a lot of fun.

      It really reduces the strain on my legs and enables us to try more vigorous positions for longer.

      It's a good buy, I just wish there were instructions, but our problems could be due to inexperience more than the actual restraint.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft fleece cuffs.
      No instructions.
      Bottom line
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    1. Perfect for imaginative couples

      Reviewed: 28 April 2015 by SFTM, a Straight Engaged Male

      Our order arrived in typically timely LH fashion and the small, slim packaging was deceiving but discreet.

      The BB position enhancer was encased a in slim plastic covering with some professional tags.

      Opening it up we quickly assembled the three parts (very simple) and inspected the new restraint.

      The material is very soft, comfortable and pleasant on both the abdomen/back. The cuffs are equally strong and forgiving, securing the ankles in place without chafing.

      The stitching is robust and can be subjected to quite rigorous straining.

      We decided to experiment with the BB restraint beyond the normal guidelines. I looped the entire thing under the bed providing an ad-hoc restraining 'bar'. The OH could no longer close her legs as she does involuntarily approaching, ahem, completion.

      In this regard it worked beautifully as well as in the original nature it was intended for.

      The strap can also double up as a doggy-style waist band to pull your OH deeper onto you or for her to hold in missionary for the same effect.

      The possibilities are almost limitless.

      When combined with the other BB line of bondage wear, you can have a very versatile (and portable) range of sexual aids.

      A truly great buy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable but strong restraints.
      No assembly instructions, but it only took a minute to work out.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic buy, highly recommended.
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    1. Enhanced indeed

      Reviewed: 5 February 2015 by PBLove, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Lovehoney sent me this item in exchange for a review. Having some experience already with bondage using rope and under-the-bed hand and ankle cuffs, we were excited to try out some other bondage items.

      As always, the item arrived promptly and I started to unwrap my present! If you are used to other Bondage Boutique products then you’ll know their packaging isn’t the most appealing, but that is not such a big issue to us. It is just wrapped in plastic with a little Bondage Boutique tag on it.

      You do have to do some quick assembly, but it is easy enough and there shouldn’t be any hassle here, just thread the hand loops through each cuff and you’re good to go.

      The straps themselves are very nicely made, though, and feel quite strong. There is no fear that they’ll accidentally tear during a particularly exciting position! The padded part is soft on the skin, and quite wide, so it doesn’t dig into your body as you use it, even if you pull quite hard.

      The same can be said for the two cuffs on each end, they’re also soft to the touch and secured with a little Velcro strap. This is good because you are able to tighten them as much as you want without any discomfort, and they can be quickly opened if they need to be.

      The first obvious position to use is with the strap underneath your partner’s back, with each ankle cuff strapped around his/her legs, which the strapped partner can then use the hand loops to spread their legs wider and more comfortably. For us this totally worked fine, and was a lot less intensive than either using rope to tie them in this position or just holding them there yourself.

      We have also tried it as a doggy strap, with the padded part resting against the belly and the ‘giver’ can use the hand loops for extra stability or thrust. We actually prefer using it this way the most!

      We would have liked to seen maybe a little instructional card/book with it, maybe suggesting positions to use it in. It doesn't seem like that would be difficult to implement and would really add to the overall fun with the product, as you worked through each suggestion.

      We can say, though, that whilst you’ll still get tired from having your legs over your head or your ankles strapped closer to your bum, the position enhancer does enable you to play longer than your normally would. For us it also has the added benefit of being quick to set up and use instead of tying rope in different knots and positions, then having to re-tie it all again if you want to change.

      We don’t have many grumbles with this product! Perhaps a little instructional booklet to add to the overall fun of the product or to aid your creativity, but other than that, it does exactly what it promises!

      It will help you get into positions and help with your stamina to stay in those positions for longer. It is quick to set up and use with minimum hassle, and the softness of the padded parts feel lovely on your skin.

      Have fun experimenting with it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Soft material, quick to use.
      No instructional booklet.
      Bottom line
      A fun product to aid those difficult positions!
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes