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    1. Crave Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain Necklace

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      1. Crave Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain Necklace

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    1. Product Description

      A slinky chain necklace in silver base metals and leather thong that conceals a sexy secret. The elegant silver droplets topping each end of the chain are petite bullet vibrators that loop over the nipples to create soft, vibrating nipple clamps.

      Beautiful, easy to wear and simple to use, this gorgeous chain adds some elegance to your BDSM kit. A beautiful piece of jewellery that can be worn without fear of recognition but is also a functional pair of vibrating nipple clamps.

      On a 23 inch long base metal chain are two lengths of leather thong which connect to two bullet vibrators. Powered by 2 x LR48 batteries each (8 are included), they each have a single speed which is operated by inserting the batteries and screwing the lids shut.

      The leather thong loops slip over the erect nipple and pull tight with a small, metal toggle. Once hooked over your nipple, switch them on to activate the sensual vibrations.

      Each clamp will fit nipples up to 0.75 inches in diameter. Each vibrator measures 1.5 inches in length and 0.3 inches in diameter.

      Adjust to wear as a loose chain or nipple clamps as you desire.

      Presented in a beautiful box with a suede storage pouch.

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      Crave Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain Necklace 1 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Crave Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain Necklace
      2. Crave Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain Necklace


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    1. Beautiful and versatile - just what she needs

      Reviewed: 14 April 2014 by Lovebirds_x

      This little necklace comes with a huge price tag compared to similar items on the market. What makes it so special? The quality. The class. This makes a beautiful introduction and elegant addition to BDSM 'out of the bedroom' wear. It makes a gorgeous and classy present for spoiling the special sub in your life. It can introduce your lady to the finer side of BDSM, without all the heavy chains, leather and whips she may be fearing. In short, this necklace is beautiful, and is likely to be a hit whether given to an experienced lady or a complete beginner. What woman doesn't like jewellery?

      The chain length was just fine for me (I am 5ft 5.5 inches tall with a cup size of DD). I did notice it pulled them up to a more 'perky' position, which was actually very attractive and by no means a bad thing!

      However, over a longer session of play or for someone with a larger cup size this could get quite painful, either from the pulling on the back of the neck or from the upwards pulling of the nipples. I would not complain if they added a slightly longer chain length, just to give a bit more room to move without fear of breaking the chain.

      I also found looping the chain around my neck did not leave me enough length to attach the clamps to myself, but wearing it this way works perfectly as a teasing little reminder to you/your partner of what is to come (as well as just looking like a pretty necklace!).

      It is worth noting that the necklace chain is fine enough that, while wearing it hanging straight down, the whole thing can easily be concealed while out and about, if that is your thing! It also feels strong and well made enough to withstand a fair bit of wear, though I wouldn't recommend struggling.

      The clamp part was very comfortable to wear. I found the leather soft and very giving, and the little metal bar that holds the leather tight around your nipple stayed in place very well (although I have found that the weight of the breast will eventually stretch the clamp into a more slack position). In fact, I would be hard pressed to call these 'clamps as there is no real pressure going on, they just mould nicely to your shape. If you are used to metal clamps they may seem a little tame. But just wait until the bullets are switched on!

      The bullet vibrators themselves really are tiny! They can pass as regular pendants with ease, but be prepared for questions of where you got such a unique necklace! They are weighty enough to be pleasing without feeling like they are dragging your breasts south. Again, if you are used to more extreme clamps you may find this aspect disappointing. The shaped part at the top of the bullet means it sits wonderfully along both the nipple and the breast itself, so it provides more than just nipple stimulation. (In fact, I highly suggest you use that and experiment with placing a certain male organ between your breasts while they are on. He'll thank you for it!)

      Noise-wise, I would say they on the quiet side. I would not feel confident enough to wear them in public switched on, but for someone a little more adventurous I don't think they would be too loud to get away with (especially if you go somewhere with a louder ambient noise level). My main worry is not the noise they create, but rather the fact that you can't turn them off without unscrewing the base!

      The strength of the vibrations surprised me. I was expecting something milder, considering there are no varying levels of vibration to 'warm up' with. The vibrations travel very well throughout the length of the bullet, but I found they could come on a little too strong. I would highly suggest an alternative form of play as a warm up to these. Unless, of course, you like a hard and fast stimulation.

      I would also suggest you are careful when unscrewing the base to turn them off, as unscrewing even a little too far can result in batteries flying everywhere! (and remember you'll have to buy extra of those precious batteries online because I for one cannot find them locally!). We found the constant strength of vibration could cause numbness, which is unfortunate (especially as twisting them on and off to create a pattern or just to give a break in the vibrations can be annoying), but a minor detail if you time turning them on properly (i.e., do not expect to have them turned on for an entire play session).

      In case you did not watch the video (which you absolutely should!), I would remind you of the point made about putting the chain back into the bag first, followed by the bullets. We have had no problems with tangling this way, and honestly I'm not sure how you would get a knot out of that chain so best to play it safe and prevent it happening in the first place!

      Overall, if you are looking for an elegant piece of kit that can deliver strong stimulation without feeling like a 'hard core' nipple clamp, then this is for you.

      If you already like heavy, hard pinching or weighted clamps, then I would give this a miss unless you want it purely for the aesthetic/vibrating aspect.

      If you are here looking for an amazing gift for an amazing lady, then look no further! :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Looks gorgeous, great strength of vibrations, just subtle enough to work in public.
      Chain is a little short, the lack of vibration settings.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant piece of kit and one I'm sure any woman would love to receive!
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