1. Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth

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      1. Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth

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    1. Product Description

      The Fleshlight Pure masturbator provides the most distinctive masturbation experience yet. With a soft, pliable stealth sleeve to deliver you into climactic heaven and a textured inner canal featuring a series of ridges to pleasure you with every stroke.

      This male sex toy uses a unique sleeve that's different from any other Fleshlight. The specially designed stealth orifice will give you intense pleasure as soon as you enter, offering an array of stimulating sensations that intensify with every stroke. Use with plenty of lube for the best possible experience.

      This male masturbator uses non-toxic SuperSkin to provide a lifelike experience that is incredibly close to the real thing, if not better.

      Presented in a flashlight-style case allowing for discreet storage. It is also very easy to clean, just gently pull out the removable internal sleeve and wash with warm water then leave to dry.

      Sprinkle with Fleshlight renewer powder to keep your male sex toy in prime condition.

      A trial-sized amount of lubricant comes included with the Pure fleshlight.

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      Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth
      2. Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth


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    1. Great realistic texture

      Reviewed: 23 June 2012 by Old Bob, a Straight Married Male

      I purchased this product recently and was surprised to experience how great it feels.

      The sleeve uses a minimal amount of lube for long sessions. After using the toy for an hour, the flesh-like material warms and really does feel like flesh. I utilised this toy once for three hours continuously before ejaculating. I use a 2-inch vinyl cap from a hardware store over the end to catch the full load of semen so it does not leak out on the bed.

      The best part of this sleeve is that there is no top or bottom at the entry. You have 360 degrees to rotate the sleeve for each use. I have had other units tear at the top or bottom of the vaginas after a year or so of use.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The realistic interior texture.
      Bottom line
      Best Fleshlight so far.
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    1. Worthy of the hype

      Reviewed: 7 April 2013 by Totallyrandy, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This was my first Fleshlight, although I have tried other cheaper alternatives before (affectionately termed Wubes by my other half who loves mixing words!), so it was with anticipation and excitement that this one arrived at my door from Lovehoney. Would it be worth the extra? Would it be any good? Why does it cost so much more than other wubes?

      I've had a Tracey Cox sleeve before and also tried out a cheap unbranded version which I wasn't at all impressed with. Although the Tracey Cox was fine it wasn't that great and has been sitting in a drawer since the novelty wore off after a couple of uses.

      When the Fleshlight arrived the quality of the item was clear straight away. The tube is light but thick and very well made. The inside latex (?) insert fits snugly, which is very important. It also has a decent girth so it is comfortable for use, unlike one of the ones I have tried before. The item is supplied with a sachet of water-based lube which works perfectly. I decided to test it out in the shower to warm it up, applied the lube and gave it a go.

      The way the insert fits into the tube means it has a bit of a suction effect as you use it and the feeling is just right - not too tight but not too loose. I'm not sure how much of an effect the textured inside has but I was impressed by it overall. You're not going to mistake this for the real thing but it is a good toy for anyone spending a lot of time on their own that wants something a bit different.

      The only real downside is the size of it - including the black plastic tube it is pretty big to store, especially if space is limited or you're trying to keep it to yourself. Other than that, I'd say it is worth the extra over the cheaper alternatives I've tried and I'm much more likely to use this again over time than the other more gimmicky ones I've got hiding in the cupboard.

      The opening could be more exciting but you have the choice of lots of different ones with Fleshlight and this works well enough not to worry too much about that!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Feel, build quality.
      Bottom line
      Good if a bit pricey.
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    1. Slightly disappointing but still good

      Reviewed: 6 January 2014 by TechnoLord, a Straight Single Male

      I decided to order a Fleshlight after reading all the great reviews and I wanted something that would imitate real sex or a blowjob and to be a step up from hand masturbation. Also the sleeve looked very intense from the pictures.

      I was really excited about the Fleshlight coming and couldn't wait to try it out. When the time came, I soaked the sleeve in hot water to warm it up and by the time it was lubed up and ready to go my cock was rock hard and I was very excited. I had been waiting for the moment for so long and I was so excited that my hands were actually shaking and my heart was beating very fast.

      The moment I first slid my cock into the Fleshlight was probably the greatest feeling I had ever experienced to that point. I had never put my cock into anything like that before and the very warm sleeve with all the lube just felt surreal. I had to sit down on the toilet to continue. I lasted maybe about 3 minutes before I had my orgasm. The orgasm was very intense and was the second best orgasm I have had ever had (the first being when I had my first ever wank).

      However, after the first use of the Fleshlight It was never as good as that again. To be honest, it does feel good but I can barely feel the internal texture at all and it is not quite as tight as I had hoped. I guess the disappointing thing about the Fleshlight for me is that the feeling is not as intense or mind-shattering as the reviews kind of give off. I was hoping it would be something that would make me gasp for breath or fall to my knees with.

      That being said, I can still say that the Fleshlight does feel good and is a very pleasurable experience and a unique one for virgins who have never put their cock's into something like this. I would say to get the best experience out of the Fleshlight, warm it up in hot water first as it sucks when it is cold, use plenty of lube and put lube on your cock too and it feels a lot better when used hands free.

      And always have the suction as tight as possible as with the cap unscrewed it is quite loose. And one last thing I will say is that no matter what, you will always have a very intense orgasm with a Fleshlight and it feels great to cum inside the sleeve.

      The 2 best things about the Fleshlight are the moment when you first put your cock into the sleeve and the orgasm at the end.

      The cleaning process is quite a faff, mostly having to leave it to dry for many hours before you can put the renewal powder on it. The cleaning process almost puts you off using the Fleshlight.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The first time you put your cock inside and the strong orgasm at the end.
      Not as intense or as tight as I had hoped. Cleaning it is a faff.
      Bottom line
      A pleasurable experience with a strong orgasm. But not quite as good as the hype.
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