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    1. Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 255ml

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars10 reviews

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      1. Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 255ml

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    1. Product Description

      At last - a Sliquid just for him. Ride H2O is a super-slick, ultra thick water-based gel lubricant especially formulated to stay where it's put. It won't become sticky or evaporate quickly and it's completely clean and pure.

      From Sliquid, so you know it's great stuff! Glycerin and paraben free, too.

      Sliquid Ride H2O is 100% vegan.

      H2O is perfect for use with all toys and condoms, and safe for all sexual activity. It is not flavoured or scented, and is non-staining and extremely easy to clean up.

      Big value 255ml size.

      Ingredients: Purified H2O, Plant Cellulose, Polyquat 007, DMDM Hydantoin.

      Not tested on animals.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 255ml 10 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 255ml
      2. Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 255ml


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    1. Helping You Ride

      Reviewed: 2 February 2012 by Kira, a Bisexual Married Female

      I use Sliquid lube because I have paraben and glycerine sensitivities. When we were shopping for a lube for my husband I knew I wanted something from Sliquid. We had been using my regular lubes for anal but we were having to reapply them often and going through them like crazy. We picked Ride up to try out instead.

      This is my husband's go to for anal use. It lasts an entire pegging session without having to reapply. Now, we do apply a lot when we start, so that may be part of why we don't have to keep putting more on. We usually insert some with a tube and then apply some to the dildo before we begin. After that, the lube will last 30-45 minutes with no problem. Where we used to have to stop to reapply every few minutes, now we can just go and not have to worry about the lube at all.

      The consistency is thicker than regular water-based lubes, which is good for an anal lube. It's not goopy or sticky, just thick. If you tilt it on your hand it runs down very slowly. If held upside down it won't drip for a very long time. It creates a slick feeling if rubbed between the hands. It doesn't leave greasy residue behind, but will leave a lube feel which is slick and sort of slimy.

      Since we use a lot of this lube to begin a session we do run out very quickly. Even if we buy the larger bottle of this we never seem to be able to keep it in stock in our home. This needs to come by the gallon or something! These little bottles just don't cut it with as much lube as we are comfortable using for anal.

      There's no taste or odour to Ride. While we've never used it for oral, if you decided to do this it wouldn't get in the way of the experience. It wouldn't add anything to it like a flavoured lube would, either. It just tastes like thick water.

      The ingredients are natural and body safe. The will not cause irritation or infection in even the most sensitive users. It is free of glycerine and parabens. It's not tested on animals and all ingredients are vegan friendly.

      You can also get Sliquid Sassy Booty for anal, which is similar to Ride but with pink packaging. The ingredients are almost the same minus one, I believe. My husband says they both work well. He prefers the Ride due to the packaging.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Long-lasting, good consistency, silicone toy compatible.
      Runs out quickly.
      Bottom line
      Best anal lube we've found.
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    1. A great ride!

      Reviewed: 8 August 2009 by KinkyCharlie, a Straight Going Steady Male

      We bought this lube for vaginal sex, but have since used it anally as well and it does the job perfectly! As it says on the box, you can reactivate it by wetting it, so during sex it'll stay slippery for as long as you're both up for it!

      For this reason, I'm not sure how good it would be for solo usage: it does have a tendency to dry up I find. Oh and don't eat it: it's not really meant for oral

      Also, it certainly stays where you put it. A while ago my girlfriend (now fiancée) and I were playing around in a naughty lunch hour. We used a lot of this as it feels so good against your skin, and forgot about it afterwards. It was only later, when she was back in college that we realised she was still covered in lube!

      Bottom line: I wouldn't recommend this for male solo play, although I think it would be pretty good for you girls out there! For couples though, I don't think there is a better lube

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel is amazing, and it lasts forever
      Flakes a bit when it dries on you
      Bottom line
      The best lube I've come across
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    1. One Slippery Lizard

      Reviewed: 6 December 2010 by Pixieking, a Gay Single Male

      Sliquid Ride is a lube that styles itself as the nasty-free lubricant for men everywhere, and purchasing it as a replacement for a tube of KY that was squirting its last squirt, it seems to tick all the boxes.

      The glycerine free status of his lube is why I chose it over others, as I suspected I might have a slight sensitivity to glycerine, which is apparently not uncommon. I haven't worked out if I do or if I don't but it isn't really a worry now. If I do, this lube doesn't contain any, and it's cheaper per volume than a good few other lubes on the market, so you are shelling out for extra properties.

      The bottle could easily be mistaken for a bottle of shampoo or body wash at first glance. Indeed, it would probably keep on disguising itself until whoever picked it up snapped down the handy, mess free squeeze cap and wondered why it didn't smell of Spices of the Orient or Strawberry Cumshot or suchlike. The small "lubricant" printed between the main Ride and the dam sexy lizard is in a gothic style font that hides it in plain sight. A nice little touch that.

      Unless you live with folks that make a habit of stealing your toiletries, this bottle is safe enough to keep on your bedside table.

      The lube itself boasts only three ingredients other than plain old water. The main is plant Cellulose, which most of us out in the world might recognize as plain old dietary fibre. Perfectly safe for anyone and everyone, since you eat a fair whack of it daily already.

      The other two ingredients are preservatives that have been labeled safe for cosmetics but not for foods. The label does say "For cosmetic/topical use only". which does make you wonder. For a lube that devotes a good part of its label telling us about how hypoallergenic and non-toxic it is, it's a little unsettling. I personally can't work out if it's a warning or a fail safe against the dreaded lawsuit. To be safe, I'd advise you don't chug it, though I'd imagine ingesting a little wouldn't do you any harm at all.

      On the up side, it wont stain or damage fabrics or furniture, is thick enough that it doesn't drip everywhere, is easy to wash off and can be used with all sex toys of all materials.

      For anyone who will be using it for oral, I am pleased to say that this lube is literally odorless and completely tasteless. A little lick of this tastes like thick, slippery water. No chemical tang or sickly sweetness in this fellow. It also doesn't hang around in your mouth: swallow and it's gone.

      As for how the lube performs. It's a good lube. The thickness keeps it where you want it, and I've used it for anal with satisfying results. It does seem to whip up a whitish lather when you work it for a while, which is probably the cellulose, but it isn't really a problem and a little massaging and application of a bit of water slips it back up again.

      For the value and glycerine free status, it's a good all round lube.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Odorless, tasteless, glycerine free and does what I want it to.
      The "cosmetic/topical use only" warning. Slightly off putting.
      Bottom line
      A good, all round lubricant. Will be a staple for months to come.
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