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    1. Viapro Pills (2 Capsules)

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      1. Viapro Pills (2 Capsules)

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    1. Product Description

      Viapro is a revolutionary sexual stimulant designed to help increase sexual stamina and arousal. Works in as quickly as 30 minutes!

    2. Enhance your performance

    3. Increase your stamina

    4. Maintain your erection

    5. Non-medicinal

      Viapro is an all natural dietary supplement taken by mouth for sexual enhancement in men. Viapro may help a man with achieving an erection when he is sexually excited. Viapro is a potent and selective inhibitor of cGMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) which is responsible for degradation of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. This means that, with Viapro on board, normal sexual stimulation leads to increased levels of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum which leads to better erections. Without sexual stimulation and no activation of the NO/cGMP system, Viapro should not cause an erection.

      Warning: This product maybe unsuitable for people with history of high blood pressure or heart attack symptoms.

      Ingredients: L Arginine HCI, saw palmetto, viapro proprietary brand, smilax extract, avena sativa extract (oat straw), zyzhys jujube, eleutherococcus senticocus, urtica dioica (stinging nettles), seronoa repens, curcurbita pepo (pumpkin seeds), cayenne, gelatine, bulking agents (cellulose), anti-caking agents, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, E129 (colour), E110 (colour), E171 (colour).

      2 capsule pack.

    1. Customer Reviews

      Viapro Pills (2 Capsules) 11 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Viapro Pills (2 Capsules)
      2. Viapro Pills (2 Capsules)


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    1. Brilliant

      Reviewed: 1 March 2011 by scottishlady

      My partner has had a lot of emotional stuff affecting him and thought that he would never make love again, how wrong he was. I got him the pills so try and well without a word of a lie, OMG you just have got to get them. His confidence is amazing now, I think secretly he thinks he's a born again teenager. :)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      So easy for partner to take.
      Bottom line
      Amazing. :)
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    1. Does what it says on the 'Tin'

      Reviewed: 14 January 2009 by pansport, a Bisexual Married Male

      Viapro is simple and easy to use and would recommend it as it lives up to the claims made.

      I am in my late sixties, am in good health and lead an active sex life. Since retiring my soul mate and I have spent a considerable amount of time on our sex life as when we were in employment life was very busy and time short. We now spend on average 3 sessions of about 3 hours each per week ( morning, afternoon or evening ) making love which always ends in sexual intercourse. I have no problem in getting and maintaining a hard on but occasionally it does not feel quite so erect hence the sample purchase.

      I took a whole capsule and relaxed with a drink whilst my partner 'got dressed ' and on her arrival in the lounge we started the seduction process. After some physical foreplay and oral sex my cock was as hard as it had been for some time. We had a very strenuous sex session with my partner riding on top of me. When we finished we showered and had a light snack, during which my mate changed into a few wisps of cloth which hid nothing. One thing led to another and soon I was shagging for all my worth in conjunction with my mate. The erection was as hard as the first time. Later my wife retired to bed and as I sat with a drink and clicking thro the channels I came across a rather explicit movie and without realising it I was quietly caressing a ever hardening cock. I masturbated my self and shortly after my cock subsided. This pill certainly worked for me. I had no side effects ( apart from a slightly sore cock )and will continue to use it. It does not prolong intercourse or increase sperm production but who cares. It prolongs the erection and does make one aroused. My partner has no complaints .

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      A very hard and stiff eight inches
      Bottom line
      A very happy partner
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    1. Worth a go for the money!

      Reviewed: 25 June 2008 by Life's too short!

      As for many buying this kind of product, I don’t have a problem getting or maintaining an erection but thought I could have fun with some enhancement. I’m nearly 40, though in good health and with a history of running.

      I took the advice of reviews I read elsewhere and started with half a tablet, opening the capsule, pouring out the powder and taking with water. The mild taste is perfectly tolerable. This method may have accelerated the effect, which set in about an hour after taking with an initial rush that went on for a couple of hours. I did experience some moderate congestion at this time, and some hours (about four) afterwards a brief period of head throb – not painful but a sort of pressurized, swollen feeling. I never developed a true headache, nor did I have any light sensitivity.

      Onto the penis bit. I suppose you could compare it to my head – swollen and throbbing. While waiting for (and thinking about) my wife I was pleased to note that as I lay on my back my penis was standing well clear of my body, very long and with a wonderfully tight upward curl. I go into detail because I was very pleased with it! Things went well enough after that, though I think we overdid the foreplay on my part as I became a little desensitized and therefore not quite as ‘vibrant’ as I was at the beginning. If I were in a new relationship I would probably have been motivated to go for a second round an hour afterwards, but I felt no great need and my wife is generally satisfied this way, too. Stockings would definitely have produced an encore if required, however (big hint to wife). I did feel horny the next day, but not uncontrollably so.

      I’ve tried 2/3 of a tablet with similar effect and tonight I’m trying the remaining almost whole tab since the kids are away. I’ll probably buy some more for occasional experimentation.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      It definitely enhanced my erection. Side effect to benefit ratio very acceptable.
      Very minor side effects hardly worth mentioning. Doesn't quite blow your socks off.
      Bottom line
      Worth experimentation for enhanced erection. Encores might mostly concern stimulus from younger and/or new relationships.
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    1. Kind of works...

      Reviewed: 16 May 2007 by TEDDYRUKSPIN, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Now this capsule kind of works. After approx. one hour I was feeling hot and red in the face, like when I took the root complex. Fair enough.

      My penis did not look or feel strong. Just that I started to develop a headache, probably due to the blood rush.

      Now, having sex it just felt normal. Erection same size. Nothing special.

      Worst thing: next day I woke up with the nastiest side effect ever! I woke up sensitive to light for at least 8 hours. It took the whole afternoon for this side effect to disappear. I kept on seeing a very bright blue and my eyes were bloodshot and red! I thought I was going to die. I had the biggest headache for at least 6 hours and I had to take ibuprofen to get rid of this pain.

      One of the differences I did feel was that I woke up with one massive erection. This came up without thinking about sex. I have to say, I had a dream that someone was stroking my penis. This erection was out of control. In work it would easily get up and was very embarassing. It felt like it was the first time you are with your girlfriend. This effect has lasted for 3 days and the side effect lasts for 12 hours.

      I believe the herbal drug works! But that side effect and insomnia has put me off it for good.

      The erections made me laugh as it felt like I was 16 years old again. Great but definitely not worth the red bloodshot eyes and sensitivity to light.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      It gives you constant erections.
      Side effects. Don't expect stamina. Expect average 30 minutes sex!
      Bottom line
      Works but would use another cheaper herbal drug
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    1. It works, but only a little

      Reviewed: 22 March 2012 by Brand X, a Straight Single Male

      I don't know how well Viapro might work for other people but for me Damiana or even Saw Palmetto capsules are just as safe and much, much cheaper. Alternatively, Tongkat Ali is much more potent but it can cause side effects in some people.

      Viapro works to some degree but as far as I can tell it's more of a placebo effect than a real boost.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      No unpleasant after-effects.
      Expensive for what it is.
      Bottom line
      Well... suck it and see, it might work for you.
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