10 Best Secret Santa Gifts

10 Best Secret Santa Gifts

by Lovehoney

on Oct 9, 2017

  1. 10 Best Secret Santa Gifts
  1. 10 Best Secret Santa Gifts

It's that time of year again: Secret Santa!

A cheeky pressie from Lovehoney means you can give the gift of (sexual) happiness, without needing to bring out your Sherlock-worthy detective skills.

Check out our top 10 sexy secret santa gifts below and get inspired.

  1. 1. Lovehoney Oh! Sensual Body Massager

    Lovehoney Oh! Sensual Body Massager

    Step away from that generic box of chocs and go for something a whole lot more relaxing. Ergonomically shaped to make erotic massages a breeze, this smooth massager is just the thing for your constantly-stressed colleague.

    • Ergonomic handle is simple to use
    • Rounded balls spread the massage sensations
    • Perfect to use with sensual massage oils
    Ideal for:
    • The One Who Needs To Unwind
    What they say:

    "This stuff is delicious! It smells divine, feels silky and non-greasy/sticky, and tastes lovely.

    Skin feels lovely and soft afterwards, it doesn't mark the sheets, and it does make you hungry for some sweetness of a whole other kind..."

  1. 2. Lovehoney Oh! Hot Massage Rocks

    Lovehoney Oh! Hot Massage Rocks

    Who's top of your naughty list this year? Instead of hiding a lump of coal in their stocking, scoop up a handful of these pebbles and give them a long, teasing massage.


    • Presented in a pretty drawstring gift bag
    • Compatible with lubricants and massage oils
    • Ideal for extra pleasurable temperature play
    Ideal for:
    • The Health Spa Fanatic
    What they say:

    "They come in a variety of sizes and they really add to the massage experience. We found that with massage oil you can rub the stones all over the body, working them into the muscles rather than just placing them on as they are so smooth."

  2. 3. Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card Game

    Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card Game

    Everyone loves to find out their partner's or their friends' dirty little secrets, and this fun card game lets you do just that. The 'Would you rather'-style questions make for great entertainment at the office Christmas party, while the recipient can enjoy the dares with their partner later in the evening.

    • A fun, non-intimidating game to play with friends or lovers
    • 52-card deck gives tons of playing options
    • Complete with dare suggestions if someone doesn't want to answer the questions
    Ideal for:
    • The One Who Loves To Know Everything
    What they say:

    "They're pretty and discreet - perfect as a Christmas stocking stuffer, Hen Party favour (I imagine these questions would get a few giggles on a girly night out!) or a 'just because' treat."

  3. 4. Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Thigh High Stockings

    Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Thigh High Stockings

    From bedroom to fancy dress party and everywhere in-between, enchant all you meet in our red lace-topped stockings. These Mrs Claus-esque classic thigh highs feature a wide lace thigh band to clip onto your garter straps.

    • Festively fun and perfect for Xmas dress up
    • Available in base and plus size
    • Great value for money
    Ideal for:
    • The Christmas-Obsessed Fancy-Dresser
    What they say:

    "I ordered these for my girlfriend and she loved them. She looked amazing in them too."

  1. 5. Bondage Boutique Red Furry Handcuffs

    Bondage Boutique Red Furry Handcuffs

    Fluffy on the outside, hardcore on the inside. Just like Chuck Norris' beard these furry cuffs pack a punch. Within the soft faux fur exterior is a set of lockable metal handcuffs for reliable restraint with a cosy embrace and, in red, they're oh-so festive!

    • Metal handcuffs with faux fur covering
    • Safety catch and 2 keys
    • 4 colours to choose from: red, pink, purple and black
    Ideal for:
    • The Quiet One
    What they say:

    "For the size and price these are little fluffy miracles. You must buy them! They instantly add that little something to bedroom activities and were a turn on straight away for me and the Mr."

  2. 6. Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Playing Cards

    Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Playing Cards

    When you're playing with these carnal cards, you'll struggle to keep a poker face whatever hand you're dealt. Taking inspiration from the original Kama Sutra, each card features a different position for you to explore, ensuring everyone comes up trumps.

    • Full 52-card deck with 2 joker cards
    • Each card features a different Kama Sutra position
    • Great for better sex, hilarious card games and x-rated magic tricks
    Ideal for:
    • The Gamer
    • The Yoga Pro
    What they say:

    "I bought these and a cheeky little stocking filler at Christmas, and boy am I glad. My BF and I love to play rummy and we have just started using these instead of the other cards. It's great fun!"

  3. 7. LHM Male Stripper Collar & Cuff Kit

    LHM Male Stripper Collar & Cuff Kit

    Add some Magic Mike style to your Secret Santa gift with our LHM stripper-inspired collar and cuffs.

    This Velcro-fastening set is perfect for loads of roleplay scenarios, from butlers to Bond.

    • Adjustable Velcro fastenings fit a range of sizes
    • Fun yet sexy for the perfect gift
    • High-quality fabric
    Ideal for:
    • The Exhibitionist
    What they say:

    "Had a really positive response from my wife. She loved it, nice and exposing and a great bit of fun!"

  1. 8. Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

    Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

    Why not start the year with a bang? With the Lovehoney Oh! 30 nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar you will banish boredom in the bedroom for good. Well, at least for a month. Let the saucy instructions inspire you to sexy activities.

    • 30-day calendar with sexy instructions for more bedroom fun
    • Different instruction every day
    • Perfect gift for couples
    Ideal for:
    • The Adventurous Couple
    What they say:

    "I'm not going to be a spoiler and reveal what's behind each door. What I will say is there's nothing that's particularly taboo or that can't be done by any couple, including same-sex. If you're a couple looking to spice things up it's a must buy."

  2. 9. Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring

    Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring

    This mini marvel for couples will heat things up between the sheets. With its vibrating multispeed bunny-eared bullet and love ring it is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Put a ring on it this Christmas! You’re welcome.

    • Powerful vibrating cock ring
    • Clitoral stimulating bunny ears
    • Waterproof
    Ideal for:
    • Couples Who Like to Spice Things Up
    What they say:

    "The toy itself was easy to put on and good fun to play with."

  3. 10. Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game

    Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game (4 Piece)

    A great cheeky gift for a giggle and some inspiration for foreplay and sex, the Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game lets you explore each other in a variety of activities. You will both get your turn thanks to 'switch' cards that allow you to shift which player is in control.

    • Thrilling bondage-style card game
    • 4-piece set with cards, blindfold, satin ties and safety instructions
    • Great for spicing up game night
    Ideal for:
    • The Risk Taker
    What they say:

    "This game worked wonders and definitely spiced up an already active love life, it allowed us to try out things we haven't done before,, giving in to sensual temptations and most importantly have a lot of fun in the process."

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