The Spookiest Things You've Searched For on Lovehoney

by Lovehoney

on Oct 15, 2020

Every year, the Lovehoney website tirelessly processes heaps and heaps of user searches. Most of the time, we're able to help our customers out with the products they're after or the information they need

Sometimes, however, we're left scratching our heads at the wild and wacky queries that make their way to our search bar (see last year's collection, for example). This year, themed for your ghoulish Halloween enjoyment, we present the spookiest search terms that we're almost afraid to see the results for.

That's Some CSI Shit

search dildo gas mask

male torso

sex flesh

plastic sheets

flesh wash


arm binder

lifelike hand

anal striker

bow and arrows

the love gun

dildo gas mask

obsession sleeve

spider web body suit

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

scream cream scary searches

gates of hell

wicked creme

wicked aqua

i dont fuck with magic

i only fuck with magic

dragon spray

goats eye rim

sex wax

ghosting balm

creaming o screamin demon extra quiet clitoral


scream cream

wicked weasel

spiderweb body suit scary searches

What Sides Would You Like With Your Meal?

boy butter

penis cream

hot butter rum

flavored sauces for vagina

fuck water

Curse You, Autocorrect!

stroppy lingerie scary searches

stroppy lingerie

advent colander

crotchless pantries

pens extension

cork ring

ducking machines


fake jazz

You Should Really Get that Checked Out

search fur penis

anal gape

ice butt

hand vagina

fur penis

fluffy vagina

stick that goes down your penis

fire skin

hurt by dildo

heavy weight to for dick

kick cock

weightlifting dick


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Originally published on Oct 15, 2020. Updated on Jan 12, 2021