Take Our Simple Quiz to Find the Perfect Sexy Christmas Gift for Her

Take Our Simple Quiz to Find the Perfect Sexy Christmas Gift for Her

by Lovehoney

on Nov 24, 2015

What Should You Get Her for Christmas? Quiz

Buying a sex toy for your wife, girlfriend or special friend this Christmas could be the key to a 2016 filled with renewed passion and excitement. Buying a toy for someone is a hugely intimate affair, and as her partner you're in the perfect position to predict her new favourite toy based on her bedroom tastes and desires.

That doesn't mean it's not incredibly daunting, however. What if she doesn't like what you've chosen? That's why we've put our thinking caps together to come up with the perfect tool to help you narrow down your gift options and find the ideal present.

Using the exclusive insider info you've earned as your lady's confidante, simply complete the seven questions we've set out below. We'll collate the data and choose the best sex toy to put under the Christmas tree to make sure she's all smiles on the morning on the 25th.

There are eight possible results to our quiz, and each one is top-ranking, best-selling crowd-pleaser on the Lovehoney Australia site - and that's based off [[stats:reviews]] reviews! All you have to do? Make sure she doesn't have one already!

Still not completely sure what to get your lady for Christmas, or want to add something else to her gift? Take a few moments to visit Lovehoney's Christmas Gifts For Her page for lots of great money-saving offers and plenty of sexy inspiration!

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