Sex Bootcamp with Tracey Cox | Part 4: Sex Essentials

Sex Bootcamp with Tracey Cox | Part 4: Sex Essentials

by Tracey Cox

on Jun 22, 2016

Tracey Cox Bootcamp Part 4

Welcome to our final instalment, also known as part 4, of Tracey Cox's Sex Bootcamp.

This guide by international sex, body language and relationships expert, Tracey Cox, takes you through all kinds of ways to get in the mood as well as some fun ideas for frisky foreplay, and some new positions to spice things up.

The last step is to make sure you've got the essentials covered. Below, Tracey has over 30 suggestions to keep up your sleeve.


Then here are some extra-special treats for him and her.

Click through for some sexy treats and everything you need to make sure everyone is satisfied…

15 Sexy Treats For Him

1. Cook for him in your underwear and high heels

2. Take your panties off when you're out, hide them in your hand, and then casually tuck them in his pocket when you get back to the dinner table

3. Let him cop a quick feel under the tablecloth

4. Pull on his shirt after sex to walk around in

5. Let him rip and tear off your (old) stockings and lingerie

6. Pull your pants to the side when he goes to give you oral because you can't waste the precious seconds it would take for him to peel them off

7. Do a reverse strip tease and put on some hot underwear during sex

8. Flash him when he can do nothing about it

9. Leave a tight, sexy push-up bra on during sex

10. Let him see you watching him move in and out of you

11. Hold the base of his penis during intercourse to increase friction

12. Hump his leg as you give him oral or use your hand on him

13. Let your breasts wobble when you're on top

14. Hold them together to create cleavage and run your thumbs over your nipples

15. Build anticipation by saying 'I want really filthy sex next time'

15 Sexy Treats For Her

1. Mimic the rhythm of how your penis is thrusting inside her with your tongue inside her mouth

2. Throw her down on the bed and pull her hair

3. A little caveman-style sex shows how much you want her

4. Slap her bottom during intercourse

5. Bite her lower lip, then bite her neck

6. Suck one of her fingers when you're out in public

7. Lift her legs so her ankles rest on your shoulders during missionary or oral sex

8. Raise her arms over her head and hold her wrists together with one hand so she's completely surrendering to you

9. Keep her an arm's length away while you're using your hand on her so she can see the action

10. Buy her a corset

11. Kiss the tops of her breasts when she's wearing a low cut top with a push-up bra

12. Cup her breasts from underneath and use your thumbs to slide across her nipples

13. Rent a hotel room (cheap or classy) to change the setting and flavour of your sex

14. Spank her while holding a vibrator on her clitoris

15. Hold her prisoner by ordering her to stand with her hands behind her head, fingers laced together and legs spread, then play 'captor and slave'

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The Essentials from Tracey's Range:

  1. 1. Tracey Cox EDGE Optimum Pleasure Vibrating Stamina Ring

    Tracey Cox EDGE Optimum Pleasure Vibrating Stamina Ring

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  2. 2. Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

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  1. 3. Tracey Cox Supersex Beginners Soft Bondage Kit (5 Piece)

    Tracey Cox Supersex Beginners Soft Bondage Kit (5 Piece)

    When one of you is tied up, you'll tend to try new things in bed, straying away from your predictable love-making path - it's the unpredictability that is the biggest turn on!

  2. 4. Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls 78g

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls 78g

    If you want to have great sex, keep your genitals fit and toned. Squeeze around these balls to make your vagina feel tighter (for him) and increase sensation (for you). Perfect post-pregnancy or for women who want stronger orgasms.

Tracey Cox Edge

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