"Pretty, Sexy, Curvaceously Flattering and Wild-Romance-Inducing!" - Review of the Month

"Pretty, Sexy, Curvaceously Flattering and Wild-Romance-Inducing!" - Review of the Month

by Lovehoney

on Mar 6, 2015

Review of the Month, February

At Lovehoney Australia we're proud to publish your reviews, whether you loved or hated a product. In fact, it often impacts what we stock! To say thank you for your honest feedback, every month we choose our favourite review to win a $200 Lovehoney Voucher.

Review of the Month:

This month's winner is Greenwine for their review of the Lovehoney Adore Me Lace & Microfibre Chemise Set.

We loved their description of the fit, feel and quality of this sexy lingerie set:

"I love the way it clings to and accentuates curves and the material is strong enough to be gently supportive. The back straps are a very nice touch - a quick bit of titivation and hey presto, no back fat!"

Check out the full review by Greenwine, and read on below for the runners up:

That wasn't the only awesome review in February! We've chosen three runners up to win 2,000 Oh! Points each to spend or save on their Lovehoney account. Would you like to enter for next month? Read through our How to Write Winning Product Reviews guide for tips on making your review stand out.

Runners Up

ef's review of Toy Joy Strapless Strap On Double Ended Dildo 7 Inch

"When we came to use the toy (which we did that very night due to our excitement), we had a warm-up with some of our other toys first. I was very excited by this time and therefore was getting quite wet. The head went into my vagina well, but as soon as I moved it started to slip out. It was so heavy I was having to hold it in. And that wasn't the only problem! Because I was having to hold it in and try and point it in the right direction, it took us a good 5/10 minutes to find a position for my boyfriend and I which meant that the pegging would work. (Perhaps I just need better muscle control and more practice before using a strapless, I'm not sure!)"

Fun Factory SmartBall Uno Kegel ExerciserSubdom27's review of Fun Factory SmartBall Uno Kegel Exerciser

"It’s something that you can pop in wherever you are, and you can go about your general business. It’s not going to make you squirm in your seat (much), so wearing it in public shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Although it does help to squeeze yourself around the ball whilst it’s inside, even if you don’t, we’ve been told by others that you still get some benefits to your muscle strength."

MiniFirefly's review of Lovehoney BASICS Gold Metallic Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator

"I think this is a great product for someone who wants simple, quick, easy clitoral pleasure. The head of it is beautifully tapered so that you can press with either the tip or the flat edge for varied sensations. Something you can whip out and every time it will perform as required."

The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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