Sex Bootcamp with Tracey Cox | Part 2: Frisky Foreplay

Sex Bootcamp with Tracey Cox | Part 2: Frisky Foreplay

by Tracey Cox

on May 25, 2016

Tracey Cox Frisky ForeplayWho's ready for some frisky foreplay?

This guide by international sex, body language and relationships expert, Tracey Cox, guarantees sexplosions aplenty! Check out Part 1 here.

Now that we've got you in the mood, it's time for some frisky foreplay.

FANCY FOREPLAY FOR HER - The Six Best Finger Techniques

Lube up first, then try…


Use the pads of your fingers to make big circles around her clitoris, making them smaller when she's aroused enough to take more direct stimulation.

Click though for more of Tracey's foreplay tips for her and him…


Lightly tap or drum along the length of her labia.


Put two fingers inside her (usually the middle and index) and pretend you're stirring something. This effectively stimulates the entire vaginal wall.


Move one or two fingers rapidly from side to side across the head of her clitoris. You can manipulate the hood across the clitoris to do this if she finds it too intense.

Alternatively, 'march' your fingers - move them as if you're walking really quickly.


With two fingers inside her, put the heel of your other hand on her abdomen, just above her pelvic bone and press down. The added pressure feels great - even better when you try it with a strong vibrator.

The 'Ultimate'

Also known less charmingly as 'The Shocker' and 'Two in the goo, one in the poo'. To do it, insert two fingers (middle and index) into her vagina and another (usually the little finger) simultaneously into her anus. Your other two fingers curl out of the way.

It's called 'the shocker' because some men do it when their partner's not expecting it (But you wouldn't dream of doing that, would you?)

Thing is, while some women do get massively turned on by this, you're probably going to get better results across the board by combining clitoral stimulation with anal (insert a butt plug while simultaneously working on her clitoris with your fingers, or insert a finger or your thumb into her anus while holding a mid-size classic shaped vibrator on her clitoris) or clitoral and vaginal (fingers inside her, thumb circling the clitoris.)

Six Simple Ways to Make it Her Best Oral Ever

Don't just rip her knickers off and bury your face

Instead, lick through her panties. Long, wet, teasing lick. Then push them to one side, get really close - and simply breath on her for a second or two, followed by one single deliciously debilitating lick.

Tease further by pushing them back into place and continuing to lick through the fabric.

Peel her panties off totally

Take a moment to just look at her. Look back at her face and say 'God, you're gorgeous', then kiss your way down her tummy to her thighs.

Consciously relax your tongue, neck and facial muscles

This will stop you getting stiff and will feel better for her. Don't tense your tongue and make it pointy, instead relax it so it's wide and soft and can cover a large area.

Make sure you've got saliva in your mouth

Keep your tongue slippery, rather than sandpapery, then lay it flat in between the lips of her labia, swishing it ever-so-gently to provide soft but pulsating pleasure.

The whole of your mouth will be against her (forget what you've seen in porn - they pull back and tense their tongues because you can see more action on camera!)

Be constantly aware of her body language

If she lets out a little cry when you first stimulate her clitoris, it's not necessarily a good sign. It can be a cry of pain. What's your tongue doing?

Know your ABC's

A really simple way to find her hottest spot is to trace a figure of eight with your tongue or lick all the letters of the alphabet (lower case is better because the letters are curlier). Both stop any part of the clitoris from being overstimulated.

It's also great tongue-training. Practice on your palm - bet your tongue hurts before you get to mmmmm.

Bonus Tricks for Sexy Fun

Play Chopsticks

If you want to intensely stimulate a small area of her (Gosh! I can't think where?) with something a little different, grab some long, hard plastic (or hard material) chopsticks.

Hold one or both chopsticks loosely in one hand with the tip against the part you want to stimulate (her clitoris perhaps?) then touch a good, strong vibrator to the base of it. The vibration runs down the chopstick to target a tiny area.

Draw Like Leonardo

Remember the scene in Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio draws Kate Winslet, as she reclines, naked except for a necklace, in the cabin she shares with her fiancé?

Drawing her naked while she sits still and poses is extremely arousing: it's strange-in-a-good-way to allow herself to be simply admired rather than touched.

(It doesn't really matter what the end result is, it's the process that's more interesting!)

Foreplay for Her - The Essential Kit

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FANCY FOREPLAY FOR HIM - The Six Best Hand Job Techniques

Lube up first, then try…


If he's uncircumcised, hold the loose skin taut at the base of his penis with one hand, grab the shaft with the other and slide upwards. Squeeze and pulse several times on the way up.


Grab the base of his penis with one hand and his testicles with the other, palms turned to face his body. Now move your hands away from each other - one strokes up the shaft, the other pulls down across his testicles.


Interlock your fingers and cross your thumbs. Put his penis in the middle, then glide your hands up and down the shaft, rhythmically squeezing your hands together as you do.

Add some anal play (insert a butt plug or anal prober) and double the sensation.

O Yes

Make the letter 'O' with your thumb and index finger, place it around the corona (the ridge around the head) and twist. (Don't worry if he's too big for your fingers to meet.)

The Piston

When he's fully erect and you don't mind if he orgasms, start adding in a few quick hand strokes, from bottom to top and down again, fast and hard. Then go back to whatever you were doing before.

The quicker you want him to orgasm, the more you increase the number of piston strokes.

Add a male masturbation sleeve and he'll love you forever.

The Polisher

Grab the base of his penis with one hand and put the open palm of your other hand on top of the head of his penis. Close the top hand around the head and twist to and fro.

Six Sexy Tricks for Giving the Best Blow Job

Start licking way before you take his pants down

Through his jeans (yes really - with a really, really firm tongue) and then his underwear. Place the flat of your tongue against the fabric and slither it around his shaft.

Don't dive on his penis the second sex is on the cards

Lick your way there, bypass the goodies, back up the inner thigh, then lightly stroke his testicles.

Choose your position carefully

You'll need to use two hands and be comfortable. One hand should nearly always be around the shaft or you'll both have that funny but undignified 'bobbing for apples' situation where you're chasing him all over the place.

If you're feeling naughty, take a little pre-ejaculatory fluid (the white stuff that comes out of the top, pre-orgasm) and rub it on your lips for extra erotic kisses.

Make eye contact

Or tell him to watch you. Make sure he can see the action by leaving the lights on or doing it in daylight, and either tying your hair back or getting him to hold it back.

Think about how you want to play the big first moment beforehand

Either dispense long, lollypop licks (again holding the base so it's not madly waving about the place) or just take the velvety smooth head in your mouth.

Feeling adventurous? Lean over and take the whole of him inside in one, smooth, practiced movement.

Bonus Tricks for Sexy Fun

Give Him a Champagne Shower

Open a bottle of bubbly and make sure your glass is full and close-by. Then take a mouthful before encasing him in in your mouth.

It feels great on his end - the bubbles fizz and it's all terribly celebratory but not in a cringe way.

It also works a treat if you're worried about taste because you're essentially masking the flavour with something even yummier.

Once you've done that, grab some lick off chocolate body paint and smear it over him. Yes, it's a bit clichéd but it's a hell of a lot of fun (and you'd be amazed how few people actually do it, so it's more of a novelty than you think!)

Tell Him a Bedtime Story

Make up your own erotic tale (or find one online and print it out), lead him into the bedroom, tuck him in bed, sit by the bed in a chair and open a book (any will do, it's being used as a prop with your notes hidden inside).

Then proceed to tell him the dirtiest, sexiest, most erotic fantasy scenario you can bear to say out loud. He's allowed to touch himself, but not you. Let him masturbate himself to to orgasm as you reach the climax of your tale.

Foreplay for Him - The Essential Kit

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