Fetishes Laid Bare: Stockings and Tights

Fetishes Laid Bare: Stockings and Tights

by Audrey Andrews

on Feb 27, 2019

Fetishes Laid Bare Stockings and Tights

For a school busload or maybe thousands of ex-schoolgirls, stockings and tights are a memory of frumpy school uniforms. Nothing sexy springs to mind when the outfit was an enforced part of boring school rules.

Having said that, the femmes might find their hearts racing when exploring how to buy sexy underwear for men.

But for others who have a fetish for stockings and tights, the garments get you all frothin' and toey like nothing else. To use an expression every Aussie schoolboy knows, they could even have you cracking a fat.

And if stockings don’t float your boat, check out our sexy lingerie guides to find a sexy lingerie style that does get you hot to trot.

So what gives? Why do some peeps find such a deep and erotic fascination with stockings and tights? Well, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer – let’s get into the world of hosiery fetishes.

What Does this Fetish Involve?

Broadly speaking, fetishes are an erotic fixation on an object, rather than a specific act. And since stockings and tights are objects, they fit the bill.

A person with a tights or stockings fetish may get hot and steamy through:

  • The feeling of the nylon or silk material
  • The way their partner looks in stockings and tights
  • Perving on their partner putting on or taking off stockings and tights
  • Using stocking and tights as bondage restraints
  • Wearing the stockings and tights themselves during sex or under office wear

We say different strokes for different folks. There are just as many ways to express a fetish for stockings and tights as there are people with the fetish itself.

As one example, the Reddit thread, “For lovers of pantyhose / nylons / tights and women wearing them” currently has over 100,000 subscribers. That means 100,000 reasons why stocking and tights might make you as randy as a goat. So, give yourself permission to be curious.

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Why Stockings and Tights?

A great question. A glib answer could be – why not stockings and tights? Some folks get off on knickers, others on bras. There are people with a kink for ties, belts, shoes. The list is as endless as the individuality of humans.

Here are some reasons behind the fetish for stockings and tights:

  • They can make your legs look "perfect" by hiding little blemishes, accentuating the curves of your pins, and even shimmering from the reflectiveness of sheer nylons
  • While they cover the skin, they do not hide it completely, creating a tension that can feel erotic and voyeuristic
  • In movies, they are often worn by characters who have a killer combo of power and sex appeal, fusing two strong forces
  • Wearing tights make it easier to slip shoes on and off, which is a turn-on for those with a foot fetish, AKA in Quentin Tarantino films

If your interest is further upstairs, check out sexy corsets, basques and bustiers and find a sexy garment that sets your heart racing.

How to Explore Your Fetish

If you reckon you’ve got a fetish for stockings and tights, why not let it off the leash and go for a wander in the kinky community? There are many things you can explore.

You might read how to choose lingerie for your body shape to open your mind to new possibilities.

Think about what fires up your lovin’ oven. If the fiery mix of sexuality and power drives your fetish, the classic stockings-and-suspenders could be your ticket for the passion train – choo, choo.

Stockings and Suspenders

The Lovehoney Sheer Thigh High Stockings and the Lovehoney Love Me Lace Deep Suspender Belt make a classic pairing.

As a bonus they come in a base size for AU 8-16, and plus size for AU 18-30. So, whether you plan to wear them yourself, or admire them on your partner in crime, we’ve got you covered size-wise.

Crotchless Tights

Does the idea of having a naughty while wearing tights ignite your afterburners? If you’re screaming yes, crotchless tights like this Lovehoney pair could help you lift the trophy during a wild ride. To state the obvious, with no crotch you can access all areas without removing the tights. Talk about convenient bonking.


Is the texture of stockings and tights a thrill that drives your pulse faster than a speeding goanna?

Then consider a bodystocking like the Lovehoney Boudoir Babe Lace Crotchless Bodystocking. The silky feel of tights encompasses not only the legs, but your entire bod. As an extra feature, it's crotchless, so you can still dance the mattress mambo while wearing it.

We shouldn’t need to remind you, but if you’re a human with a fetish for stockings or tights, please don’t feel like you are weird, or that there is anything wrong with you. There isn’t.

This fetish is as common as backyard magpies and is shared among men and women. We at Lovehoney affirm your right to be a unique, sexual being.

If you do want to pursue this fetish, we think it’s handy to know how to attach stockings to suspenders and if you don't, it never hurts to improve your boudoir skills.

Celebrate and enjoy.

Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Feb 27, 2019. Updated on Aug 6, 2020