Best Sex Toys for Same-Sex Couples

Best Sex Toys for Same-Sex Couples

by Lovehoney

on Jun 12, 2018

best sex toys for same sex couples

Buying something with the sole intention of using it in the bedroom to enhance your sex life is, well, a real commitment to your sex life and partner.

There’s a whole sea of guides and articles with recommendations of sex toys for heterosexual couples, but these may well be met with a blank stare if you’re in a lesbian or gay relationship.

Many sex toys can be used by any ‘body’, alone or with a partner, but to help you find the best of the best sex toys for female-female couples and male-male couples, we’ve scoured our customer reviews, sought advice from our community members and spoken to our in-house experts.

Put your hands together for the line up of the best sex toys for same-sex couples:

Top 6 Toys for Female-Female Couples

  1. 1. Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator 7 Inch

    Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator 7 Inch

    Whisper-quiet and wickedly powerful, send intense stimulation to where you and your lover want it most and reap the climactic rewards of your pleasure play.

    • Whisper-quiet with 7 inches to please
    • Multiple vibration speeds
    • Fully waterproof
    Ideal for:
    • Accessorising foreplay
    • Fans of non-phallic toys
    • If you house share
    What they say:

    "Size makes it easy to work together as a couple and can use in all positions. Really wide head that is easy to get in the right spot. Because it's ribbed it is easy to hold if not using it for penetration."

  2. 2. Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with Dildo

    Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo

    Strap-on adventures beckon with our advanced harness and dildo set. Fully adjustable straps give the wearer a tailored fit and the 7 inch dildo seeks out G-spots with expert precision.

    • Fully adjustable with bullet vibrator pocket
    • 3 interchangeable O-ring sizes
    • Sleek silicone dildo with curve
    Ideal for:
    • Advancing your strap on play
    • Teaming with a variety of dildo sizes
    • Wide range of UK dress sizes, from 10 - 32
    What they say:

    "My girlfriend and I love this strap-on. It stays firmly in place and comes with 3 different-sized O-rings incase you want to change up the size of the dildo. The harness is quick and easy to slip on and the dildo holds its place nicely."

  3. 3. Doc Johnson Classic Black Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

    Doc Johnson Classic Black Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

    Bend this bad boy any which way to enjoy shared penetration with your partner, or rise to the challenge of taking all 12 inches in one. Super-sized satisfaction awaits as the jelly dildo delights you with its teasing textures.

    • Stimulating, textured shaft
    • Rounded realistic heads on each end
    • Flexible-yet-firm
    Ideal for:
    • Double penetration play
    • Fans of realistic, phallic toys
    • Experimenting both solo and with your partner
    What they say:

    "I loved how it felt inside and loved how excited it made my partner whilst using this on me. It's big enough to use for anal as well but also good for gripping and thrusting. I've had some epic orgasms using this both with a partner and alone!"

  1. 4. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

    Desire Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

    Voted 'The World's Best Vibrator' by Good Housekeeping Magazine, unrivalled sensuality and stimulation are yours with the Desire Clitoral Vibrator. Delight in its silken silicone form, and surrender to wave upon wave of blissful sensation.

    • Shaped for precision stimulation of external pleasure points
    • 8 modes of vibration, each with 12 custom speeds of intensity
    • USB rechargeable
    Ideal for:
    • Indulgent and super-intense foreplay
    • Taking on holiday or weekends away
    • Freeing up your other hand for additional pleasuring
    What they say:

    "This is a lovely little vibrator which really packs a punch for its size. Beautifully sleek, it is a pleasure to use - or just to look at! This vibrator will definitely become a regular, for both solo play and with my husband."

  2. 5. Lovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump

    Lovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump

    Arouse your lips and sink your favourite sex toy (or partner's body part) for orgasms aplenty with our Supreme Sensation pussy pump.

    • Chamber encases labia majora, minora and clitoris for all-over suction
    • Transparent cup for visual stimulation
    • Easy-to-use handheld pump
    Ideal for:
    • Enhancing sensitivity and plumpness
    • Using before a sex toy for heightened sensations
    • Instant arousal
    What they say:

    "I lay back and used my vibrator and all I can say is wow! Because of all the blood being forced to the area everything becomes extremely alive and sensitive, I came in about 30 seconds on the lowest vibration level and it felt amazing!"

  3. 6. Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

    Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

    Show them the love they deserve with our Perfect Pair nipple suckers. They increase sensitivity using gentle suction and are ideal for nipple-toy beginners.

    • Velvety-soft black silicone nipple suckers
    • Applies localised suction
    • Design can also be used over the clitoris
    Ideal for:
    • Increasing circulation and sensitivity
    • An introduction to the pleasure of nipple toys
    • Enhances sensitivity of clitoris as well as nipples
    What they say:

    "They have great suction on them and are easy to work. If you add a little lube to them they hold a bit tighter, which is phenomenal. These are now a go-to bedside the bed and we have since got the nipple clamps."

Top 6 Toys for Male-Male Couples

  1. 1. Lovehoney Magic 8 Stretchy Silicone Cock and Ball Ring

    Lovehoney Magic 8 Stretchy Silicone Cock and Ball Ring

    You won't be surprised by the good fortune this Magic 8 cock and ball ring brings. Its super smooth silicone slips comfortably around your cock and balls gently constricting your goods, which may help with longer-lasting erections and intensified orgasms.

    • Strong and stretchy double cock ring
    • Made from hypoallergenic silicone
    • Designed to be worn around both your cock and balls
    Ideal for:
    • Helping to enhance performance during play and sex
    • Prolonging shared pleasure sessions
    • Both beginners and advanced cock ring users
    What they say:

    "It looks good when on and feels good too. Keeps me nice and hard throughout and doesn't inhibit my cumming as some very tight rings do."

  2. 2. Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

    Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

    Get double the excitement for a fraction of the price of a Fleshlight with the Lovehoney Intense Double Stroker, a 5.75 inch long twin-textured sleeve with supple fronds lining one side and lifelike ridges the other. Both sides feel incredible.

    • Choice of two thrilling textures
    • Closed end for varied suction intensity
    • Snug yet comfortable fit
    Ideal for:
    • Enhancing foreplay
    • Introducing exciting textures to your shared play
    • Can be used as part of solo or couples play
    What they say:

    "It gave a wank so intense that my partner totally lost control! A definite must-have for couples that play together or a guy who wants to spice up a boring Sunday afternoon! ;)"

  3. 3. Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

    Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

    This bumper bundle of quality anal toys has everything you need to add a thrilling new dimension to your sex life. Amazing value for money and the perfect gift to each other, the kit includes customer-fave butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate toy and more.

    • Contains 2 x butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate massage, anal douche and bullet vibe
    • All toys feature flared bases
    • Made from high quality silicone
    Ideal for:
    • First-time exploration of anal play
    • Gifting to each other for shared exploration and new sensations
    • Trying out new anal toys together
    What they say:

    "Me and my partner had plenty of fun with these. We used the toys with and without the bullet, on different settings, and it got us where we wanted to be. Very good sensations, vibrations and feel."

  1. 4.Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant 100ml

    Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant 100ml

    A thick anal lubricant, Discover provides long-lasting slipperiness and comfort during anal play and sex. Essential for safe and pleasurable anal adventures at home or away, discover the pleasure of this lubricant by yourself, with a partner or sex toy.

    • Free from parabens and glycerine
    • Slick and odourless formula
    • Compatible with all sex toys and latex condoms
    Ideal for:
    • Adding comfort and slippery pleasure to play
    • Adding to your holiday luggage - it's the perfect 100ml size
    • Long-lasting, mess-free play
    What they say:

    "This lube completely changed anal sex for me and my BF and has greatly improved our sex life. It may be a small bottle, but it goes a long way and lasts forever."

  2. 5. Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs

    Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs

    Bringing bondage into the 21st century, we've developed these faux leather wrist cuffs for serious restraint, without using animal-based products. Perfect for anyone who prefers not to use real leather, but still wants profound performance in the bedroom.

    • Easy-to-use faux leather wrist cuffs
    • Padded for extra comfort
    • Adjustable to fit a range of wrist sizes
    Ideal for:
    • An extra element of excitement to foreplay and sex
    • Wrist or ankle restraint
    • Versatile bondage play
    What they say:

    "They feel great and the faux leather is very soft so they can be used for long periods without any discomfort."

  3. 6. Remote Control Stroking Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Remote Control Stroking Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Explore a whole new side of prostate play with a massager that literally strokes your button. Discover its 9 stroking speeds and 9 vibration functions with the remote control to arouse wave upon wave of delight from your P-spot.

    • Contoured silicone shaft to massage P-spots
    • 9 x stroking modes, 9 x vibration levels
    • Remote control for partner play
    Ideal for:
    • Handing the remote to your partner to take control
    • Mixing it up with the huge array of vibration settings
    • Playing underwater
    What they say:

    "We were always dubious about these types of toys actually being able to replicate the stroking sensations of a finger, but this toy definitely does."

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