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  1. 10 Best Sexy Stocking Fillers

    1. 10 Best Sexy Stocking Fillers
    1. 10 Best Sexy Stocking Fillers

    A Christmas stocking is a great way to give your partner a sexy gift, especially if this is the first time you've bought a toy to use together.

    "Why?" you ask. Well, traditionally stockings are opened in bed on Chrismas morning, which is a lot more private than the tree you now have in the lounge.

    Not to mention you're already in a great location to try some of your new treats before the kids wake up/the family arrives/you have to do that Xmas commitment you wish you hadn't arranged.

    Plus, choosing a stocking as your delivery method should help in decision making (there are only so many toys you can fit in a stocking!), and make a nice cheeky bumper to any other gifts you've bought your special someone.

    To give you some inspiration, we've selected our top 10 stocking fillers.

    They all cost less than $20, are small in size, non-intimidating and gender-neutral.

    You're welcome.

    1. 1. Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

      Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

      Transform you or your lover into a sex superhero with this plush, fuzzy satin blindfold in festive red. The quickest way to enhance all your senses at once, wearing a blindfold instantly heightens sensitivity to touch, smell, taste and sound, resulting in maximum pleasure from every stimulus.

      • Ultra-sleek satin lined with faux fur for a sensual experience
      • Padded centre blocks out light and keeps you comfortable
      • Stretch straps fit almost any head
      Ideal for:
      • Accessorising your bedroom play
      • An introduction to sensory deprivation
      • A luxurious night's sleep
      What they say:

      "Compact, and a great way to spice up things in the bedroom, heightening the senses and bringing excitement whilst awaiting your partner's touch. A must-have for any play."

    1. 2. Lovehoney 10 Function Magic Bullet Vibe

      Lovehoney 10 Function Magic Bullet Vibe

      Treat your partner to stimulation elation as this silver bullet propels them over the brink with military efficiency. Packing 10 delectable functions into its sleek silver form, the Lovehoney Magic Bullet is a climax machine made for pleasure.

      • Tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation
      • Suitable for any external erogenous zone
      • Petite enough to use on the go
      Ideal for:
      • Discreet foreplay fun
      • Adding an extra something to your gift
      • People of all genders
      What they say:

      "This is the greatest thing ever. I received it today and couldn't believe it. I have never used anything like this before but, let me tell you, I will recommend this little toy to everyone."

    2. 3. Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

      Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

      Sexytime without lube is like Thanksgiving dinner without turkey. A big fat NOPE. Which lube? Start with water-based. It's compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms and offers natural-feeling slip.

      • Water-based formula that's compatible with all toys and condoms
      • Female-friendly without any parabens or glycerine
      • Handy travel-sized bottle for fun on the go
      Ideal for:
      • Enhancing all kinds of sex
      • Making masturbation even better
      • Reducing friction for more comfortable play time
      What they say:

      "Talk about slippy, this lube is fantastic. Does exactly what it says and lasts a good while before needing more. Worked with toys perfectly. Great product, will buy the bigger size!"

    3. 4. Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler

      Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler

      Tickle their fancy with this feathery beginner's bedroom accessory. Topped with fluffy marabou feathers, this mini tickler awakens nerve-endings all over to heighten sensitivity and build through-the-roof arousal and anticipation.

      • Super-soft plume of feathers excites the nerves
      • Slim handle for easy control
      • Looks and feels fantastic
      Ideal for:
      • Increasing skin sensitivity
      • Introducing light sensory play to the bedroom
      • Upping your sensual massage play
      What they say:

      "Feather ticklers have always been one of our top toys. For anyone who wants to try a little light bondage then this would be an ideal start as it's beginner friendly and a very vanilla start into the S&M world."

    1. 5. Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Cock Ring

      Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Cock Ring

      Cock rings have so many benefits for couples play they're basically multitasking wizards. When worn on a penis, a cock ring could strengthen erections, delay ejaculation and please both partners with scintillating vibrations.

      • Rumbly vibrations to please both wearer and receiver
      • Utterly discreet and super-compact
      • Can be used on fingers if there's no penis in your relationship
      Ideal for:
      • Enhanced couple's play
      • A new way to enjoy intercourse
      • A fun introduction to couple's sex toys
      What they say:

      "We weren't expecting much given the price but how wrong were we?! I love it almost as much as our vibrating rabbit cock ring. "Wow" was all I could say, along with "feels so much bigger and harder". Needless to say, we had some of the best sex we had ever had."

    2. 6. Lovehoney Bliss Orgasm Balm 20g

      Lovehoney Bliss Orgasm Balm 20g

      Arriving in a cute-yet-practical heart-shaped tin, the Lovehoney Bliss Orgasm Balm is a shining example of the phrase “small but mighty”. Designed to help make your clitoris more responsive, its menthol infusion creates a thrilling throb for a truly explosive finish.

      • Menthol formula helps to boost circulation to sensitive areas
      • Can help to give extra-strong orgasms
      • Cute petite tin is super discreet
      Ideal for:
      • Supersizing your sexual sensitivity
      • Discovering new ways to enjoy your favourite toys
      • Increasing the chance of a clitoral orgasm
      What they say:

      "I rubbed it on my clit and it worked within a minute or so. It made it feel so sensitive and tingly before I'd even used anything else on myself. When I did get round to using my toys I couldn't believe the sensation I was feeling - it was so intense and I came so quickly!"

    3. 7. Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Sex Dice

      Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Sex Dice

      Better than charades and a great way to work off the festive food, Lovehoney Sex Dice are perfect for couples who like spontaneous sex, or want some extra inspiration for horizontal playtimes.

      • Trio of dice for sexy and surprising foreplay fun
      • 1 action die and 2 body part dice for varied play
      • Presented in a cute gift box
      Ideal for:
      • Mixing up your foreplay sessions
      • Spicing up games night
      • Naughty weekends away
      What they say:

      "My OH ordered these as a little jokey surprise, but I can tell you the results are no joke! We've been together a long time and it's easy to let things get predictable, but these dice really help mix things up. Great way to reconnect, laugh and turn each other on all in one go."

    1. 8. Warming Caramel Flavoured Massage Lubricant 150ml

      Warming Caramel Flavoured Massage Lubricant 150ml

      The ultimate boost for the amateur masseuse, this game-changing massage lube is the complete package for relaxation. It's flavoured to taste just like caramel, and also has a warming ingredient for additional sensation.

      • Lickable caramel formula for multi-sensory massages
      • Warming ingredients creates a relaxing sensation
      • Presented in a cute bottle/li>
      Ideal for:
      • Delicious massages
      • Creating a wonderfully fragranced boudoir
      • Treating your partner after a stressful week
      What they say:

      "Can't rave about this enough! It smells amazing - even after a few minutes the room is filled with a subtle but amazing vanilla scent. The wax has a low melting point, so doesn't hurt when drizzled on skin - it's just pleasantly warm and makes for a great massage oil."

    2. 9. Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Wrist or Ankle Restraints

      Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Wrist or Ankle Restraints

      What's more festive and gifty than red ribbons? Introduce a little tie and tease fun to your bedroom adventures with Lovehoney's sensual ribbon cuffs. Pre-looped to make quick beginner's bondage a doddle, their 49.5 inch length is perfect for a wide range of wrist and ankle restraint positions and sizes.

      • Silky satin restraints give a smooth and sensual bondage experience
      • Preformed loops at the end for easy restraint
      • 49.5 inches long to allow for varied restraint options
      Ideal for:
      • Taking the first step towards bondage exploration
      • A softer feeling than handcuffs or rope
      • Quick, easy restraint that's simple to unfasten
      What they say:

      "I bought these because me and my partner wanted to try something new. As beginners, we didn't want to spend loads of money on it if we weren't fussed. But this is amazing, I love it. It feels soft against the skin and paired with a blindfold is out of this world!"

    3. 10. Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Slimline Butt Plug

      Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Slimline Butt Plug

      Perfect for beginners, the Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Butt Plug is slim and non-intimidating, and allows total control of anal pleasure. Somewhere between anal beads and a butt plug, its 4-bead design enables bead-by-bead insertion for slow and steady experimentation.

      • Graduated beads adding pleasing 'pops'
      • Flared base for comfortable wear
      • Flexible PVC material keeps you comfortable
      Ideal for:
      • First-time anal players
      • Sex toy fans looking for new thrills
      • Trialling double penetration
      What they say:

      "Bought for my OH for first-time anal. With the toy starting off so small it was perfect for us beginners. With plenty of Lovehoney anal lube, it was easily inserted and wasn't uncomfortable. A must-have for first-timers. You can work your way up one bead at a time."

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