1. It's Our Birthday! 12 Little Known Facts About Lovehoney

    Lovehoney's 12th Birthday!

    Today is Lovehoney's 12th birthday!

    We might be new around here in Australia but Lovehoney has been sharing sexual happiness from the UK for 12 years now and spreading the love around the world.

    Since it's our birthday and we already have almost all the sex toys we could ever want, we figured the best way to celebrate is to share lots of deals and fun free gifts with you! As well as taking a look back at how we got here.

    Lovehoney is still a bit fresh here in Australia so we thought we would share some fun little known facts with all of you.

    Without further ado here are 12 things you might not know about Lovehoney…

    Lovehoney1. We're 12 years young

    Lovehoney UK took its first online order 12 years ago on April 21st, 2002. The second order was placed six days later. We just received another order in the time it took you to read this sentence. And another one.

    Since 2002 we’ve shipped over 4.3 million orders around the world.

    We’ve come a long way - literally! In 2003 we sold 48,000 inches of insertable penis (around 1 and a quarter kilometers). Ten years later, in 2013 we sold a whopping 2.8 million inches of penis - that’s over 72 km of plastic cock.

    We’ve done the math - if you lay out all the insertable toys Lovehoney has sold end-to-end, you could get from central Brisbane all the way to Surfer’s Paradise without a gap!

    Honey2. We know you're wondering… Who's "Honey"?

    Looking for inspiration, founders Richard and Neal began flicking through a book on retro sex movies, and soon came across the Russ Meyer flick Mudhoney. "Lovehoney" instantly popped into their heads and the company was named! The pair swear they didn't know about the urban dictionary entry for love honey

    Lovehoney has always been a company with a personal touch. Once the name was decided on, Richard and Neal thought it made sense that everything should be signed, sealed and delivered "Love, Honey". Then they wondered, what does Honey look like?

    The original sketch for Honey was drawn by a cartoonist who was told to aim for "a cross between catwoman and Barbarella".

    Honey was the friendly face of the company for nine years, but when Lovehoney rebranded in 2011, she happily retired. Two life-sized cardboard cutouts of Honey still haunt the Lovehoney offices.

    3. Friends in high places!

    Jay Leno has a go with the Sqweel!

    Over the years we’ve had some fun with celebrities (ooh-yeah!).

    Our first Design a Sex Toy competition winner the Sqweel attracted the attention of TV show host Jay Leno. The innovative toy's 10 gently rotating silicone tongues can be seen here gently caressing his famous chin (right).

    Over the last few years we've had some well known visitors stop by, including a day showing comedian Ross Noble around our sex toy warehouse for his social-media inspired roadshow, Freewheeling. We've also been visited by members of our local Bath Rugby Team (which was very nice indeed).

    Back in late 2011, we were lucky enough to design the Official Fifty Shades of Grey collections in conjunction with the erotic trilogy's author E L James.

    We have a close working relationship with the Fifty Shades creator, who is very much involved in every step of the journey for all Fifty Shades products. We successfully secured the exclusive rights to sell official sex toy, bondage and pharmacy items under the Fifty Shades of Grey brand name, which has been a huge achievement for us.

    Plus, just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we were pleased to see Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews promoting the You. Are. Mine. Handcuffs and the one and only Ms. Britney Spears wielding the Fifty Shades Sweet Sting Riding Crop in her raunchy music video for 'Work B**ch'!

    Puppy in the picture4. Man's best friends

    Research shows that looking at cute cuddly animals during your working day makes you more productive. Yes, it's true!

    If you ever need a cuddle at Lovehoney, there's no shortage of furry, four-pawed employees who will happily oblige.

    Louis the Labrador belongs to Paula in our Accounts Team, and has been coming to work since he was a puppy. He was quickly adopted by us all and often comes to say hello.

    As well as Louis, we're often visited by brother-and-sister duo Buddy Holly and Dee Dee Ramone, Maltese Shih Tzus that belong to Head Buyer Bonny Hall. Sometimes, they even make it into product photos.

    Pictured here: Classified Sunburst Sweet Dreams Chemise

    packaging5. Your secret is safe with us

    One of the most popular question our Customer Care Team face is 'will anyone know what's in my parcel?'

    The answer? Not unless you tell them!

    Even when shipping overseas our shipments are always discreet. We use incredibly boring brown boxes and very dull white labels, so no one will want to know what's inside your package when it arrives.

    Find out more about our discreet plain packaging here.

    MOG6. Lovehoney gives back

    We're generally pretty quiet about our charitable endeavours, but the truth is that every year we give an increasing amount back to our community and to causes close to our hearts. We do this through MOG - the Ministry Of Giving!

    Every month a committee of kind-hearted Moggers gathers to discuss what we can do for local or sexually happy charities such as sex education and sexual health projects.

    Last year we donated a large sum to our local Hospice Care Centre, which has personally helped and supported many members of our staff through hard times. We're also working with a nation-wide breast cancer awareness charity this year to promote getting to know your boobs.

    Sqweel GO7. We love creating new brands

    Did you know that Lovehoney have over 300 own brand products? We can hardly believe it either!

    While the Lovehoney range has been innovating (just look at the Sqweel Go!) and expanding year after year, we've also been adding new brands that you might not have realised are Lovehoney's very own.

    For example, the original Bondage Boutique line is something we've created ourselves, as is the new professional BDSM DOMINIX range for seasoned kinky players.

    We've also created ranges from Tracey Cox and Annabelle Knight and invented a vintage-inspired range called Swoon. More recently we've licensed two of our most popular collections, erotica inspired Fifty Shades of Grey and the Bettie Page Official Pleasure Collections.

    8. We've got a few more skills up our sleeves…

    Before Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford became the mad, sex toy-inspired genius he is today, he was a DJ and music producer, in a group called DNA.

    Remember Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner"? DNA made it even catchier and suddenly easier to dance to. It always gets us dancing when it comes on the radio!

    Lovehoney AU9. We're going global!

    On 4 continents, speaking nearly 13 languages and growing.

    Although Lovehoney is based in the historic city of Bath in England, we also have team members in the United States, Canada and Australia!

    Thanks to our Customer Care Agents all over the world, we're able to offer our customers 24 hour live order assistance. Between us we speak at least 13 languages; including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Welsh. Plus, we're not so bad at a bit of Russian, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Polish too!

    Lovehoney sells sex toys directly to well-known shops like Babeland in New York, Pleasure Chest in Chicago and LA, and Good Vibrations in San Francisco. In Australia, Lovehoney brand products can be found at Max Black, Club X, Naughty But Nice, and Everything Adult to name just a few. Spreading sexual happiness worldwide is our goal!

    Roy returns10. Don't love it? We offer returns.

    Yes, you read that right. Unlike most other sex toy websites you'll encounter, we welcome returns of products - no matter their condition!

    You've got 30 days after placing your order to decide if you love your item. Whether you've used it or not, if it didn't fit or it just didn't get you off, we'll happily take your returned items.

    Our motto is that we're not happy unless you're happy, so if a product doesn't do it for you, you can return it and we'll help you find one that does (or give you a full refund).

    It's another reason to trust Lovehoney - as we'll never leave you stranded with a toy you're not that keen on. Read all about our generous returns policy here.

    sex toy reviews11. Tell us how you like it. We love reviews!

    With more than 280,000 reviews and rising, Lovehoney has the largest database of sex toy reviews in the world. That’s pretty impressive.

    On average, Lovehoney customers write 2,200 reviews every month in praise (and criticism) of basques, butt plugs, bondage and everything in between.

    While we're generally very business-like and serious, sometimes there's an absolute corker of a review submitted. Our most giggle-inducing was probably the one where the customer admitted, "I discovered that it's not suitable for officewear". Whoops!

    Frisky Business12. Observe us in our natural environment…

    Working at Lovehoney is a lot like any other job except with a bit of a twist, since the products we carry tend to raise a few eyebrows. So much so that documentary makers have sought us out to film behind the scenes at our Bath headquarters and find out what it's really like to work at a gigantic sex toy warehouse.

    The results? Now you can watch us at work! First in More Sex Please, We're British; which aired on Channel 4 back in 2012 and now "Frisky Business" on the UK's Lifetime channel. You can watch clips online at Youtube and on the Lifetime site. Both shows feature our amazing returns and customer service departments as well as our content team and founders hard at work developing the next big sex toy thing…

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