How to Use a Sex Doll

This handy guide will help you know how to use a sex doll.

Sex dolls, unlike handheld male sex toys, let you enjoy sex positions and penetration just like you would with a bonk buddy. They are great toys for both women and men to enjoy.

But that’s not all - if you’re already coupled up with a partner, you can play with the possibility of adding a third partner to the mix without all the drama.

They’re also great for FIFO couples or for when your beau is away for long periods. In fact, some Lovehoney fans prefer shagging their sex dolls to their better halves. For starters, they never complain, fall asleep in the act, bang on too long or not long enough or make you sleep in the wet spot.

“Wow this is the best item I've ever bought. A little heavier than expected but feels amazing and the dildo is perfect. You can bend it to whatever position you want. This wonderful man is always ready for fun and makes a great cuddle buddy too! He doesn't complain or push you away because he's ‘tired’, he just lets you take control, and if you don't feel like sex he will let you cuddle up to him. The attention to detail on his body is amazing too and he feels so much like the real thing. Definitely worth the money!" - Becky

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Types of Sex Dolls

Lovehoney offers two main types of doll: classic blow-up sex dolls, and more modern lifelike sex dolls made of silicone or other realistic material. Some of these sex dolls provide an experience that's close to the physical experience of real sex.

Prices vary considerably - and you get what you pay for. We have cheap sex dolls and expensive sex dolls. We suggest you do your research before you buy a sex doll - check out the reviews and forums to make an informed choice.

We reckon this guide will help you choose and know how to use a sex doll for your budget. Remember, we offer discreet shipping on all inflatable sex dolls and silicone love dolls.

Video: Types of Male Masturbators

Find out more about the different kinds of male masturbators that are available at Lovehoney, including sex dolls.

Let there be Lube


At Lovehoney we’re firm believers that lube makes sex better in every way, and our sex dolls love lubricant just as much as their living counterparts. Depending on your sex doll and your desires, lube her vajingo, patootie and mouth, and don’t forget whacking some on your donger for sensuous slippery play.

“It is worth pointing out that you will require some lubricant of some description as realistic vagina and ass are snug.” – Little Strummer Boy

Most sex dolls have ports of entry that are made of real feel-material, so please avoid oil or silicone-based lubricants as they will degrade the material. We suggest you always choose your fave water-based lube to use with your doll.

Try new positions


A great bonus of using a sex doll is trying out positions you’ve always wanted to explore. These can put your comfort and needs at the top of the list without having to worry about a partner’s. Our Positions of the Week are a bonza source of ideas.

“I raced through the first sixty-eight positions like a time-lapse video to a Benny Hill soundtrack. I’m a cowgirl forward and reverse. I’m a missionary, he’s a missionary, then with a little help from the bedroom wall, we’re spooning front and back.” - Melody1

Of the two main types, inflatable sex dolls are not as flexible or posable as silicone dolls, but they are light enough to change position quickly when you’re hot to trot.

The lifelike sex dolls tend to be heavier with core skeletons that allow posing and flexing into realistic positions.

Ménage à trois


Fancy a threesome? A sex doll is just the ticket when you don’t want the complication of adding another person to your relationship. A sex doll is willing and able whenever you are - no need for an Uber home or regrettable text messages in the morning.

“It was such a turn-on watching my hubby take us both one at a time. He was also able to perform oral sex on me whilst doing her in the missionary position, making it ideal for threesomes.” - Delboy1991

“Our first session was with this on the floor and the wife sitting on it in Cowgirl position with me standing in front of her so she could suck me at the same time.” – arry069

Dress her up


Lots of peeps enjoy dressing up their sex dolls.

You can upgrade your experience by customising your doll to suit your styles. Dress her in some sultry lingerie or add a wig. Get your male sex doll into some sexy undies or why not a sexy fireman or cop outfit?

“She looks and feels beautiful - even more so when dressed in lingerie or clothes. She will stand when propped up, even wearing high heel shoes, giving her an even more lifelike appearance.” - DazBaz

Sex dolls also make great company and cuddle buddies when you just want a hug.

For more ideas of upgrading your sex doll, read 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Sex Doll Experience.

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