Fitting Guide for Basques, Bustiers & Corsets

Here’s everything you need to know to find your best fit in a sexy basque, corset or bustier.

Basques, bustiers, and corsets are fab faves at creating an hourglass shape - but what's the difference?

Thanks to the global fashion industry - not - definitions for basques, corsets and bustiers vary between companies. But that won’t surprise any of us Aussie gals, right? We’re used to sizes and styles and definitions being anything but standard.

For example, anything with lacing down the back or creating an hourglass shape can be referred to as a corset. This can cause a lot of confusion when you're trying to decide what to buy and how to measure yourself. How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Shape is a great little guide to help you find the perfect passion piece for your wardrobe.

So what is the difference between these sexy garments? Have a quick squiz at the vid to get a helpful overview, check out our fab array of corsets, basques and bustiers and then read on.

Video: What's the Difference Between a Basque and a Corset?

Find out how to choose the right fitted lingerie for you with the help of Lovehoney's experts.

What is a Corset?

Corsets are all about the hourglass shape. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Corsets to get the lowdown. They’re designed to improve your posture because they keep you upright, reduce your waist by compressing it and sometimes also boost your Golden Globes. Bonza beauty.

The essentials of a corset are that it’s a form-shaping garment that incorporates plastic or metal bones to give you that sexy hourglass look. Depending on the style and your level of bravery, you can wear it as a top or an undergarment. Great for an erotic fancy-dress event or the love shack and some raunchy rumpy-pumpy.

Here are a couple of examples to check out. The Black Level PVC Underbust Corset and G-String is an underbust corset for those with proud chesticles, while the Cottelli Black Brocade Lace-Up Corset covers your bust.

A corset can be just the ticket when you want to cover your tum and rock your curves upstairs or downstairs. Strap one on and get your beau looking at your fave assets.

How is a Corset measured?

Strangely, as we live in a metric world in Australia, a corset is measured in inches relating to the waist measurement. Go figure. The measurement dictates how many inches the corset measures around the waist when it’s fastened.

If a corset is a size 26, the waist of the corset will measure 26 inches when the back is fully closed. Since corsets are designed to reduce your waist size, grab a corset that’s smaller in the waist than you are.

But not so much that you can’t breathe when you’ve got it on. We want our customers alive and feeling sexy.

What is a Basque?

A basque is a sexy undergarment that looks like a corset but with added cups for your tatas. Hurray for the extra support, gals. The basque may have plastic boning like the corset, but it’s not designed to reduce your waist like a corset does. It’s more to give shape to the garment, which often reaches to your hips for a great silhouette.

See for yourself how the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push-Up Basque Set creates the hour-glass shape and boosts your bodacious bosoms. The Lovehoney Plus Size Moonlight Wine Plunge Basque Set is another great example that really puts the va-voom into your undies.

How is a Basque measured?

Basques are measured in clothing sizes or bra sizes. Think of a basque as a longer version of a bra or a more supportive camisole.

To measure for a basque, you want to first measure your bust and/or underbust. If it’s measured in inches, then you’ll want your underbust measurement in inches. This is the same deal as if you’re measuring your underbust for an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

To check your reckoning, run your measurement against S/M/L charts to make sure you've got the right size.

What is a Bustier?

A bustier is a bit like a longline strapless bra. It’s a shorter garment that looks like a corset, finishing at the waist, It can have plastic boning or a steel front busk, but bustiers are not designed to reduce your waist or change your shape, unlike a corset.

Bustiers can smooth the shape of the upper part of your torso without restrictions like a corset. Depending on the style, it can be worn as a top, over a dress or as an erotic lingerie enticement for some mattress mambo later on.

As two very different examples of the style, the Lovehoney Fantasy Tartan and Lace Bustier Set is an adorable fantasy for those hankering for a frisky Highland Fling.

The Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Halterneck Bustier Set is radically different, rocking a black leather fetish vibe that just begs for your flame to attend to the hook-and-eye fastenings on the front.

How is a Bustier measured?

Bustiers are usually measured in clothing sizes, but, as usual, we still need to refer to the size chart for measurements - what one company calls a size 6 another will call a size 10. We look forward to a sizing revolution one day, but meanwhile we have to cope with variations like that.

To measure yourself for a bustier, measure your sweater puppies, waist and hip - then compare them against the size chart for your desired garment. Remember that bustiers are not designed to reduce your waist (like corsets are), so have a think about whether the bustier will fit. If it’s too small, you’re going to rip it trying to pour your loving curves into it, and we don’t want that.

One example

If a bustier measures 34” 26” 34” and you measure 36” 27” 36”, you’ll be able to wear the bustier provided it has back lacing and you’re willing to leave a 2-inch gap at the top and the bottom of the lace-up panel and a 1-inch gap at the waist.

If your bustier has hooks and eyes at the back, check with Customer Care to see if the hooks and eyes will provide enough extra width for the bustier to fit you. Remember to provide your own measurements so they can help you.

Bear in mind

A bustier will break or become damaged if you try to close it over measurements that are larger than it is. The materials and construction of bustiers are not as strong as a corset. You should treat these as garments with no stretch.

Go for it

Now that you’re confident about the differences between corsets, basques and bustiers, why not feast your eye over our sensual range and treat yourself to one?

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