1. Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars73 reviews

      Once your eyes are open to the pleasure of glass dildos you'll never look at a window the same way again. Beautifully crafted for fulfilling sensations, begin with the sleekly curved and bulbed end and build your way up to the bumpy ribs of the reverse.

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      1. Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Once your eyes are open to the pleasure of glass dildos you'll never look at a window the same way again. Beautifully crafted for fulfilling sensations, begin with the sleekly curved and bulbed end and build your way up to the bumpy ribs of the reverse.

      Glass offers orgasmic internal stimulation of your G-spot as its firm form massages unyieldingly. Alternatively, glide the glass massager over tired muscles to relieve tension and deliver pure relaxation.

      Harness the temperature-retaining qualities of glass by indulging in a little temperature play. Submerge your dildo in warm water, or cool in the fridge for 10 minutes before use to sharpen response during play. Be sure to test the temperature on your arm, before directing it towards more intimate areas.

      Super-versatile, super-beautiful - enjoy a whole new world of unique pleasure and play with your new Sensual Glass toy.

      Glass toys can be used with all lubricants - slather your chosen end with whatever style you like to boost pleasure and glide.

      Key Features:

      • G-spot glass dildo with a choice of a ribbed end or sleek curved end
      • Made from toughened borosilicate glass for complete peace of mind
      • Transform your toy with temperature play for incredible hot and cold sensations
      • Unisex, perfect for beginners and couples
      • Glass is hypoallergenic, non-porous and easy to clean
      • Dishwasher safe for super-easy cleaning
      • Luxurious storage bag included
    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 4.75 inches
      • Insertable Length: 5 inches
      • Length: 8.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Glass
      • Waterproof: Submersible

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    1. Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

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      Choose between a curved end with a bulbous tip or a sensually ribbed end for exciting G-spot stimulation or erotic massage sessions with your lover. Firm, sleek and beautifully crafted for unique and satisfying pleasure.

    2. Buyer's Guide: Glass Toys Explained

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      Glass toys hold the power to give you almighty pleasure! Annabelle Knight explains the special properties glass toys have and how to use them. Read more: How to Use a Glass Dildo.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo 73 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo
      2. Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

        Only: $34.95

    1. First time glass dildo - recommended

      Reviewed: 9 October 2016 by 20solo84

      I decided to buy this dildo due to a current offer, and I'm very glad that I did!

      First off, the packaging is the standard Lovehoney sophistication, all the information you need right off the bat, no crass pictures, just the simple sophisticated design that draws me back time and again to this company.

      The dildo comes in its own bag and is carefully packaged with foam. I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by that - I hadn't really thought about it!

      The dildo itself is comfortably heavy, very sleek, and so easy to use. The first time I used it I didn't use any lube as I was simply curious about the feel of it and how it handled. The coldness is erotic, to say the least, although it warms up fairly quickly. Rubbing the bulbous end over the clit is very pleasant, and the sleek end slips in very easily.

      Lastly, this is one easy customer when it comes to cleaning! Also, the design is so lovely it's really tempting to simply put it on display.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's sleek, very easy to use, and the change in temperature is very erotic.
      I haven't found anything I don't like about this.
      Bottom line
      Recommended, for anyone curious about glass dildos.
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    1. Wow, wow, wow

      Reviewed: 6 October 2016 by Lil_Red_Kinkyboots, a Straight Married Female

      We are fairly new to glass toys apart from a couple of butt plugs, but knowing how great they are we were eager to try a dildo. When we saw this one as a Deal of the Day we couldn't refuse. We had planned a night away, so were hoping it would arrive in time. We weren't disappointed - it arrived 2 days after ordering on the morning we were leaving.

      This came in its normal discreet brown packaging, and hubby tore it open in excitement. It came in Lovehoney's cardboard box and wrapped in padded foam for added protection. It also comes with a lovely velvety drawstring bag for easy and discreet storage (nice touch, thank you Lovehoney).

      Upon a quick examination of this dildo, as we were literally about to leave, we could see that it was flawless and not at all intimidating. We already own a P and G-spot toy and by looks alone we knew this going to hit the right spots. The shape and angle are just perfect. This toy is seriously robust, and unless you drop it from a great height onto a stone floor I can see it lasting a lifetime.

      After arrival at the hotel and a couple of drinks, we went up to our room. We are into BDSM so hubby had me tied and blindfolded so I didn't know what was coming. As soon as he inserted this into me I knew what it was, and the feeling was incredible as it was nice and cold, smooth and rigid.

      Hubby soon found my G-spot, which left me soaking the floor, the walls and the edge of the bed with squirt after squirt. After a few minutes to recover I decided to try this out on hobby’s P-spot as he does love it, but we have found it difficult to achieve as other toys we own can be a bit hit and miss.

      I used a small amount of water-based anal lube on his asshole and a small amount on the dildo (you can use silicone lube with glass). We just prefer to use water-based as it can be used with everything.

      After a bit of teasing with the boiled, angled end on his asshole. I inserted it fully with the bulb pointed upwards.

      There is a ridge on this dildo which stops it travelling further into the anus, which gives peace of mind. The ridged handle helps you have a good grip even with lube on your hands and gives you good control.

      I rocked back and forth rather than thrust in and out as this rocking causes the bulb to put firm pressure on the P-spot and glide over it. After a few minutes hubby was moaning and writhing over the bed. I grabbed hold of his cock and gave him a handjob at the same time and he literally came like a rocket being launched and he said afterwards that it was very strong and powerful. This perhaps could be used for a hands-free orgasm but we haven't tried that yet.

      Neither of us has tried the ridged handle end of the dildo, as that wasn't what we wanted it for. I imagine it would be a nice sensation, due to the ridges and it being a bit girthier, to stimulate vagina or ass entrances.

      A few days later I tried this dildo in my ass during solo play, out of curiosity more than anything. As I mentioned earlier, I do have a glass butt plug, but I haven't tried a dildo before and I haven't had full anal sex for a long time as I'm finding it a bit of a struggle. I put a bit of lube on myself and the dildo and had the bulb pointing upwards and it felt like I was stimulating my A-spot in my vagina.

      I used a combination of thrusting and rocking with it fully inserted. I felt myself clenching on this and a nice build up, the same if not stronger than a vaginal orgasm. Then much to my surprise I had an orgasm (never experience an anal orgasm before).

      That’s not the end of it though. I squirted at the same time, leading to soaking bed sheets. I didn't even know this was possible from just anal play. It was amazing and so unexpected, but next time I'm going to ensure a few towels are underneath me. I'm hoping I shall be able to achieve full anal sex if we use this for foreplay.

      This dildo also has the added benefit of being easy to clean with a wash under the tap with warm water and soap, then leave it to air dry ready for the next time. With it being made of glass it doesn't trap any nasty germs or odours. Now looking for my next glass dildo, as I think I'm addicted.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything.
      Absolutely nothing.
      Bottom line
      Amazing orgasms, sleek and clean. Buy it now.
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    1. Anal made easy

      Reviewed: 22 September 2016 by Alicia4Ever, a Bisexual Single Female

      This glass dildo comes well packed wrapped in spongy foam plastic inside a nice looking, typically classy Lovehoney box. No pictures of naked women, which I find tacky. Plus a lovely black velvety storage bag, which is great to stop the dildo clanging against other hard/glass toys in my toy box. Not that I think this would damage this toy, as it’s very strong and hard and very very smooth. I just don’t like to hear my toys clanking together.

      I only use it for anal play. I’m trans female so I don’t have a vagina, yet, so this review is based on anal use only. Though it is made for vaginal use it's perfect for anal too.

      Glass makes for an amazing dildo. Don’t be put off by the thought of it being too hard; this gives a different, and enjoyable sensation.

      Once I got one glass dildo I was hooked, and had to get more different ones to use.

      They can also bring temperature play into your repertoire by warming or cooling it just prior to use. Just test the temperature on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too extreme. If you don’t like the feel of something cold entering you then pop it in warm water first or hold it in your hand as it will naturally be at room temperature, which can feel a little cool.

      Being glass, the dildo is both super slippery when lubed up and allows for the use of any lube, such as the thick oil based anal lubes. As with any anal toy, I recommend lube on the toy and some pushed up into the anus, the thick ones being particularly easy for doing this, or a water-based anal lube, and get a lube applicator syringe to squirt it up inside the anus. This makes sure you have plenty inside you, as the anus itself does tend to wipe off the lube as you push the toy in. If you have not done anal play before, one tip is to push the lubed toy in a little way, then as soon as you feel it sticking, pull it out and relube the toy, repeating as you go deeper in until you get it all in comfortably.

      The thinner curved end has a nice bulbous tip that is great for stimulating the male prostate gland. You can use it with the curve facing your front, allowing the tip to be used to give more directed stimulation to the prostate, pushing the tip into the dip just before the gland so you know you have found it, then moving it up on to the prostate, and over to the back of it. Now you have found it, you just move the tip back and forth over the gland to stimulate it, being hard glass you can apply the amount of pressure, and the speed of movement to suit you. This is something that you can’t do with softer, or more flexible toys.

      Or you can use with the curve facing to your back, to give a softer massage type stimulation, with the back of the curved glass shaft. This way on is also great for the fact of the curve making it easier to hold and use the dildo from a more relaxed position, if you are not as flexible as you once were, like me. Even over your hip, meaning you don’t have to twist your body to reach.

      The dildo has a flare to the middle just before the handle, to remind you it’s in as far as it should go. More experienced anal users could get past this flare, but you then run the risk of pushing it all the way in, and loosing it up there. Not a good idea with any toy.

      The smooth outer curve of the dildo is also good for use as a massage toy on any soft body parts.

      The bumpy handle end can also be used to stimulate the anal ring itself, to great effect, especially if you clench on to it, as you thrust it. As you cannot reach any other part of the anus with this part of the toy, you can be sure that any orgasm you get does not come from the prostate gland. So, you can experience a different kind of anal orgasm. Well, I can anyway.

      This dildo is perfect for first-time anal play, due to the smaller girth; but would offer more experienced people, something different, especially if they have never used a glass dildo before.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable to use even when I can't normally reach for my bad back.
      A bit longer would suit me better as I use it anally, but nothing really.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for an intro to glass toys, or first-time anal.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes